Tell Pres. Obama & FEMA: Don't Cut Off Flood Relief for Rural Louisiana

Donate to help rural Louisiana recover from the storm.

Louisiana has been devastated by a storm that Governor John Bel Edwards described as "an unprecedented and historic flooding event," which has claimed thirteen lives and destroyed thousands of homes, putting families in crisis.

More than 20,000 people were actively rescued, both from their homes — and in some cases saved from their sinking vehicles, or pulled off tree branches they were clinging for life to as the floodwaters rose.

We thank Gov. Edwards and President Obama for adding official declarations of a "State of Emergency" for some of the rural parishes hit hard by the storm that were not included in the initial declaration, including Acadia, Lafayette, Vermilion, Iberia and St. Martin.

The folks in more rural parishes like Acadia are still feeling the same severe emotional and economic impacts being felt by folks in East Baton Rouge, but unfortunately federal disaster relief that arrived late to these rural parishes is now already starting to dry up, and these folks are still in desperate need.

Tell Pres. Obama and FEMA: Don't cut off flood relief for rural Louisiana.

This is often the case with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the allocation of disaster relief for those living in less-populated rural areas, where the dollar amounts of damage, and volumes of people displaced are sometimes not high enough to trigger the release of emergency relief funds — despite the disaster that has devastated that rural community.

Bold Louisiana is collecting donations that we will distribute directly to local organizations in Acadia and other rural parishes affected by the storm that still have critical needs now, but are starting to see federal relief dry up (while still struggling to clean up and salvage homes). Donations will be used for the purchase of back-to-school supplies for kids whose lives have been upended, and other basic needs to help families salvage flood-damaged homes.

Sign on to thank Gov. Edwards and President Obama for adding Acadia, Lafayette, Vermilion, Iberia and St. Martin parishes to the emergency declaration, and to urge them to advocate federal disaster relief not be cut off from rural parishes still struggling in the aftermath of the storm. 

Donate to help rural Louisiana recover from the storm.