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Chip in to help us send a bus full of fracking fighters to PA Governor Wolf’s inauguration so we can show him we’re ready for a fracking ban starting on his first day.


In two weeks Tom Wolf will be sworn in as the new Governor of Pennsylvania. When that happens, he’ll be poised to regulate, ban or curtail the biggest fracking state on the East Coast - and the next door neighbor to New York, which banned fracking last month.

So far, Wolf has indicated that he’d rather tax the fracking industry and regulate it, rather than ban the practice outright.1 But there’s a lot more room to negotiate with Wolf than his predecessor, who supported fracking in state forests, next to schools, and required virtually no oversight of this dangerous and unproven drilling practice.2

The key to convincing Wolf - a first time Governor more used to spreadsheets and board meetings than the rough and tumble world of politics3 - is to show him that a huge number of Pennsylvanians don’t trust fracking in any form, and want the practice to be banned, not just regulated. To really convince him, we need to show him we’re ready to fight for a fracking ban on the first day he takes office.

Can you chip in to help us send a bus full of fracking fighter to Wolf’s inauguration in two weeks?

  • $25 buys a seat on a passenger bus for one fracktivist;
  • $100 rents a passenger van for 10 people;
  • $1000 rents a 56 seat bus, so we can bring hundreds of fracktivists to the inauguration.

Last Month Gov. Cuomo made a historic decision to ban fracking in his state of New York, based on the recommendations of health and environmental experts. Now attention is turning to the next big east coast state where fracking has already been underway for years - Pennsylvania. If Cuomo’s decision was a shot across the bow, Wolf could sink the whole fracking battle ship.

We know that Cuomo only made his decision after months of constituents showing up everywhere he went to demand a ban. Now, it’s up to Pennsylvanians to apply that same pressure to Gov. Wolf, starting on his very first day. While this fight is led by local activists like our friend Karen Feridun and her allies in Pennsylvanians Against Fracking, we can lend a hand so that they don’t have to fight alone.

Click here to chip in $5, $25 or $500 to help a PA fracktivist get to the inauguration.

Thanks for always riding the bus to a frack free future with us,

Drew Hudson, and the team at Environmental Action

PS - do you live in Pennsylvania or nearby? Want to attend the inauguration on one of these fracktivist buses? Click here to get more info from our friends at Pennsylvanians Against Fracking about how.

1 Nick Field, PA-Gov: Wolf Reiterates Support for Fracking After NY Ban, PA Politics, December 17th, 2014
2 Nick Field, PA-Gov: Corbett Expands Drilling to State Parks and Forests, PA politics, May 23rd, 2014
3 Wolf for Pennsylvania bio page.


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