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Today is the last day of our Stop Oil Trains Week of Action - and it's been extraordinary.

We started last Saturday July 4 with a beautiful and somber march in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, to launch the week. That was followed on Monday by an event where four Bay Area activists were arrested attempting to hang a 2400sq ft "stop oil trains now" banner off a bridge. On Tuesday 150 activists rallied in Ticonderoga, NY while across the bridge in Vermont, activists stopped trucks, shut down a construction site and blockaded the tracks of an oil train route. On Wednesday dozens rallied and spoke out at a critical public hearing on oil trains in Baltimore, MD; while on Thursday activists held a vigil & rally in Richmond, VA.

All told there have been more than 90 events nationwide & hundreds of media stories including national press on MSNBC, Democracy Now, EcoWatch, & VICE. And there are still more events planned. You can check out the news links above, or click here to see some of the photos from events across the nation.

None of this action would have been possible without support from members like you, and the hundreds of folks who RSVP'd, hosted or donated to support this week. From all of us at Environmental Action, my deepest thanks.

Of course, this isn't the end of our campaign, just a major milestone. We'll be back next week working to keep extreme crude like the Tar Sands and Bakken oil in the ground where it belongs. And while we've gotten the attention of a lot of powerful people, we need to keep the pressure on this summer if we're going to convince President Obama to retract the weak rules his Department of Transportation issued. We'll need all the energy, enthusiasm, outrage and action we've mustered this week, and then some, to accomplish all that. 

But for now, take a moment, revel in what we've done together and spread the word amongst your family and friends about this amazing week of action.

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Thanks again,

Drew and the Bomb Train disposal crew at Environmental Action


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