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Scott Walker could be the most dangerous candidate for our climate. But he's backed by the billionaire oil barons, the Koch Brothers. Sign here to help send the message that this climate denier is unfit to run our country.


The GOP Presidential Primary, aka the "Convention du Climate Deniers," just got a bit more crowded. Yesterday, Governor Scott Walker announced that he's joining the caucus. But Scott Walker is not your everyday, run of the mill climate denier. In fact, he's been described as the most dangerous Republican candidate on the environment and climate change.1

The reason why Walker is so dangerous to our climate is simple: he's got a raging Koch habit. Walker received $43,000 from the Koch Brothers during his first gubernatorial campaign (the largest out-of-state donation that cycle). But that was chump change compared to the $10 million he received from the Kochs during his re-call election in 2012.2 Now, firmly under the influence of Koch, Walker has promised to build the Keystone XL pipeline on "day one" of his Presidency, derided President Obama for calling climate change the greatest threat to future generations and promised to institute an “all of the above” energy policy “that uses the abundance of what God has given us here in America and on this continent.”3

Wisconsin is supposed to be the land of the Cheese Heads. But it's clear the Scott Walker is acting more like a Koch Head. That's why we need to let him know that Koch habits are the wrong line to White House. Click here to make sure he get this message.

Walker's legacy in Wisconsin gives us plenty of reasons to mistrust him as a presidential candidate. Wisconsin's fracking industry has increased 20,000 percent in the last five years,and Walker just slashed the state's environmental protection budget by $24.5 million. Walker may also be responsible for banning state employees from using the phrase "climate change,"5 and he cut $8.1 million from a leading state renewable energy center and instead allocated the funds for a study to determine the health impacts of wind turbines. He even cut $4 million from state-wide municipal recycling programs -- even recycling isn't safe!6

Candidate Koch's masters have all but endorsed him to be the next president. At a Republican fundraiser, David Koch told the audience that Scott Walker will and should win the Republican nomination.7 This is significant because the Koch Brothers have pledged to spend a whopping $1 Billion dollars during the 2016 election cycle -- and if they were willing to give their puppet $10 million for a gubernatorial race, how much do you think they'll spend to put him in the oval office?

It's unacceptable for a climate censoring, climate killing Koch head to be a serious candidate for the highest office in our land. We need to stage an intervention and let Walker know the presidency is off limits to anyone with such a destructive habit. Click here to make sure Walker gets to work rehabbing the climate, not running the oval office.

Thank You for taking (environmental) action,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Climate Crusaders

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