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Governor Greg Abbot is messing with Texas's air, climate and public health by refusing to comply with the Clean Power Plan. Click here and tell him Texans deserve a govenor who will protect them from climate catastrophe.


Gov.Greg Abbott has an ongoing campaign against the US. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its efforts to fight climate change . Abbott sued the EPA 19 times as Attorney General,1 and now as Governor of Texas, he's touting his membership in the Seditious Six, the six governors who have pledged not to comply with President Obama's Clean Power Plan.

Abbott recently said Mitch McConnell has his “full support for his efforts to fight this federal government overreach” pertaining to the Clean Power Plan.2 McConnell has since touted this statement as "evidence" that states will choose to opt out of the Clean Power Plan.

Texas is a top consumer of coal, which produced 37 percent of the state's power 2013.3  The dirty emissions coming from coal power plants have contributed to more than 1,500 people losing their homes during Texas’s most destructive wildfire in 2011. 2012 was the second hottest summer on record, and over the past 10 years, Texas has been impacted by weather and climate disasters that cost the state over $20 billion.4 So why is Abbott looking the other way on climate change and while attacking the EPA in the process? Maybe it's because he has been rewarded nearly $2,000,000 from Big Oil and King Coal to continue waging his proxy war on the climate.5

Gov. Abbott has set Texas up to fail, and the lone star state will be left in the dust while the rest of the country addresses climate change and growing their economies with clean energy and technology. Sign here to tell Abbot this is no "remember the Alamo" moment and to comply with the Clean Power Plan.

As a member of the Seditious Six, Abbot has joined a minority of climate denying state executives who question the existence of human-induced global warming despite the evidence right in front of them. Instead they want to lead a rebellion against the Clean Power Plan, even though it puts the health and safety of their communities at risk.

States, cities and businesses across the country are already taking action to address the risks of climate change, but these six governors are trying to incite a rebellion on behalf of the fossil fuel industry. The Clean Power Plan is the first rule in U.S. history to fight global warming pollution from power plants -- It's not perfect, but it's a good step toward the climate resilient future we need. Additionally, reducing carbon pollution from power plants will have significant benefits to public health. Who wouldn't want to lead the world in climate action, and save the lives and health of their constituents? These six Governors, that's who. And that's why we're calling them the Seditious Six.

Click here to tell Gov. Abbott to stop messing with Texas's climate and public health and comply with the Clean Power Plan.

Thanks for all you do,

Sally for the Environmental Action Clean Power Team

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