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Last weekend California Fracktivists came together in 18 cities from Eureka, all the way down to San Diego, to deliver a collective message to Gov. Jerry Brown: End Fracking Now! The Clean Not Extreme events were held in response to a new California study that revealed the many dangers of fracking and the fact that fracked waste water is currently being used to irrigate crops. The events were seen as a last ditch effort to call on Jerry Brown to start acting like a climate champion, instead of merely talking like one.

Thanks to your support I am happy to report the events were a success! From the "Raging Grannies" assembling in Sacramento to sing their original anti-fracking songs,1 to young activists in San Diego holding a beach party to raise awareness and collect signatures.2 And you can all thank yourselves for making this historic event happen. 

Members like you helped us collect 30,000 signatures, which have now been delivered to Gov. Brown, and raise over $2,000 to help coordinate all 18 events. I don't say it enough, so here goes again: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Click here to read the whole report:

Jerry Brown keeps letting us down. Even though his state is in a historic drought and many other signs of climate catastrophe from wildfires to heat waves and climate-fueled storms are right under his nose, he refuses to stop one of the most extreme forms of energy extraction. Even though fracking has already tainted over 24 trillion gallons of water in California this year, Gov. Brown looks the other way.

But after this weekend, I am confident the Governor will listen to the people of California. Grassroots organizer Nicole Peill-Moelter of San Diego 350 said it best, "It's simple - we're asking Governor Brown to ban fracking in California. We feel that in comparing benefits and risks, the risks are much higher to Californians. We believe in solutions -- replacement options for oil from fracking."

So thanks from me, Nicole and a bunch of Califracktivists who were able to deliver this message to Gov. Brown with your help. And, if he refuses to listen this time, you can be sure that we'll be back in California doing what we do best- Fracktivation!

Thanks for all you do,

Anthony for Environmental Action

1. Bacher, Dan. Sacramento Activists Sing, "No Fracking, No Way" At Protest. Bay Area Indy Media. August 1, 2015.

2. Rice, Dave. Environmentalists To Governor Brown: Stop Fracking California. The San Diego Reader. August 1, 2015.


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