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Update: Jake Tapper of CNN's State of The Union has been announced as the moderator of the next GOP Presidential debate. Click here to demand Jake and other moderators tap climate change and other environmental issues at future Republican debates.


What if I told you that there is a major issue affecting our country right now that could cost us $380 Billion and claim over 12,000 lives annually?1 You'd think that issue would be a key topic for our future president to discuss. You might even say it could be characterized as humanity's greatest challenge. Well, that issue does exist and despite what some running for the GOP Presidential nomination tell you it's climate change and, unfortunately, there was not one question about it during the first debate.

The American people deserve to know where all the candidates stand on this issue, and what they're going to do about it. That's why Operation Climate Conversation is demanding that every news network moderating debates make climate change and the environment a key topic. CNN's Jake Tapper as been announced as the moderator of the next debate and we need to send him a message: Tap Climate Change As A Major Issue. Sign here to demand Tapper and future moderators stop climate censorship in future debates.

Climate change is not a partisan issue. In fact a recent poll conducted by Yale University indicated that 52% of registered Republicans believe that climate change is happening and that we should do something about it.2 Other polls indicate nearly 66% of them say that they are more likely to support a candidate who campaigns on fighting climate change.3 And 80% of Latinos, the fastest growing voter bloc in the country, overwhelmingly favor governmental action to fight climate change4 -- which is particularly important because one of the upcoming debates will be moderated by Telemundo.

All of these voters, especially Republicans, want to see a discussion on global warming -- not questions about which candidate will de-fund women's health care the most or what Donald Trump's next reality TV series should be. President Obama just released the most ambitious climate plan in our nation's history and the entire world is looking to us to lead the way to the climate talks in Paris.

But for that to happen, we need debate moderators to ask tough questions about the climate. But with no questions asked in the 2012 debates or in the first GOP debate of 2016, we can't count on them to act. It's up to us to take action and make Operation Climate Conversation as much of a reality as climate change. We need to let these moderators and their networks know that if they don't address climate change, we're gonna change the channel on them for good. Click here to demand news networks put global warming front and center in future debates.


Anthony and the Climate Conversational team at Environmental Action

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