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With all climate impacts in his state and in his personal life, Gov. Bobby jindal ought to be leading the fight to stop global warming, not talking nonsense and conspiracy theories about the Clean Power Plan. Sign here to tell Jindal, and all the Seditious Six, to act on climate before climate chaos swamps us all.


There are plenty of reasons for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to be concerned about climate change. But instead, Jindal has been a leader of the "I'm not a scientist" camp, and is one of the most outspoken Seditious Six Governors refusing to comply with the Clean Power Plan (CPP).

Jindal should know that memories of Hurricane Katrina still haunt residents of New Orleans, with the 10 year anniversary of the storm coming up next week. He should see effects of the BP oil spill are still evident along Louisiana's coast, and he should pay attention to the fact that his home state is literally sinking. And he must know that climate-fueled disasters are more likely now because of sea level rise that will swamp the coast,1 stronger hurricanes, and saltwater intrusion that could harm the state's agricultural industry.2 The cost of climate in-action could be in the billions by 2030.3 Plus, as a Catholic, Jindal has surely heard Pope Francis' calls to act on climate change as a moral issue.4

So why would Jindal refuse to help protect his state from the effects climate change?

We need all 50 states to do more than just comply with the CPP, we need them to dramatically exceed it. And that's what makes Seditious Six governors like Jindal so dangerous
. Six Governors (five Republicans and a Democrat) have announced that they will not only ignore the CPP, they'll attack it in the courts and use all their political capital, to block it. But climate pollution won't stop at their borders, and the health of their constituents (not to mention our shared environment) is too important to let them get away with this insurgence. If you agree, click here to tell Jindal, the rest of the Seditious six, and EVERY governor to embrace and exceed the goals in the Clean Power Plan.

Jindal said that climate change is a "Trojan horse" for a secret plan to reshape the economy and people's lives. "It's an excuse for the government to come in and tell us what kind of homes we live in, what kind of cars we drive, what kind of lifestyles we can enjoy," he added.5

But here's an inconvenient truth for Bobby: Two-thirds of voters, including nearly half of Republicans surveyed, are more likely to vote for a candidate who acknowledges human-induced global warming is happening. Plus, 87 percent of voters think the government should limit global warming pollution. Americans are looking for Governors and elected officials who will lead, not push conspiracy theories and flat out deny reality.6

Instead, Jindal's Department of Natural Resources of Louisiana argued against EPA's finding that carbon pollution was a threat to public health. Jindal claimed that reducing carbon pollution would have "devastating consequences" for Louisiana's economy and would result in "significantly higher energy prices."7

Bobby has also complained about the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) taking steps to include climate chaos in their disaster planning -- despite the fact that a failure to account for climate impacts probably made FEMA's response to Katrina slower and less precise. Jindal called this obviously important step to save money and lives8 a way to "force acquiescence to their left-wing ideology."9

Bobby Jindal has seen some of the worst effects up close and even the leader of his faith is calling for action. Yet, he still denies the need to act. He should know better. Click here to tell the Seditious Six to stop messing with our climate and public health and comply with the Clean Power Plan.

Thanks for all you do,

Sally and the clean up the Clean Power Plan crew at Environmental Action

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