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Our campaign is working! Sign here to tell the Seditious Six, and all governors, to act on climate by complying with President Obama's Clean Power Plan.


Yesterday, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder became the first Republican statewide official to accept EPA's power plant carbon rules, but he won’t be the last.1

Snyder's announcement, which puts him at odds with the state’s Republican Attorney General Mark Schuette, who has joined a lawsuit aimed at killing the EPA rules.2 Schuette is just one of a group of Attorneys General trying to block the rules in court while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been encouraging governors and foreign governments alike to ignore the EPA's regulations.3

So far the campaign for climate in-action has drawn the support of Six Governors (five Republicans and one Democrat). These so-called Seditious Six have announced that they will not only ignore the Clean Power Plan, they'll use all their political capital to block it.

But to stop climate change and make the plan to cut global warming pollution from power plants work, we need all 50 states to do more than just comply with the Clean Power Plan, we need them to dramatically exceed it. Snyder's decision to act on climate, despite the seditious actions of his peers and his own Attorney General, shows our campaign can work - but only if EVERYONE signs on now. Will you join us?

Our campaign is WORKING. Just this week we're placing an order to rent a series of clean, digital billboards - funded by members like you - in downtown Madison where it will be seen by an estimated 417,078 drivers every day - that's more Madison viewers than all the major cable news networks COMBINED in prime time. What's more Snyder's office specifically used our arguments: that the clean power plan will save money, protect public health AND the environment. Snyder said Michigan residents use an average 38 percent more than the national average and pay about 6 percent more for heat and electricity. In March, his office announced plans to use boost renewable energy use to 19 percent by 2025. "The best way to protect Michigan is to develop a state plan that reflects Michigan’s priorities of adaptability, affordability, reliability and protection of the environment," Snyder said in a statement this week.4

But not everyone is convinced yet. Fourteen Attorneys General and the Leader of the Republican Senate carry a lot of clout with our nation's Governors.5 If we want to win, we have to get EVERYONE on board -- starting with you. I know you haven't had a chance to sign this petition to all 50 governors yet. Before it's too late, will you click here to tell the Seditious Six to stop messing with our climate and public health and comply with the Clean Power Plan?

Thanks for all you do,

Sally and the clean up the Clean Power Plan crew at Environmental Action

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