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Breaking: Operation Climate Conversation is working thanks to you. This week CNN's Jake Tapper personally tweeted us asking that we "stop flooding" his twitter page and instead direct questions to a CNN web site. Click here to keep the pressure on Jake to ask climate questions at the next GOP debate.


Jake Tapper may have never heard of Environmental Action before, but he certainly knows who we are now and he's not about to forget about climate change either. Over 30,000 members like you emailed, facebooked and tweeted to let Jake know he needs to tap some climate change questions in the next debate.

Well, he got the message. This week Jake Tapper sent us a personal message to tell us that he heard you. He even espoused a climate pun when he asked, "please stop flooding my twitter feed."1 Later that same day, CNN launched a new link on their website asking us to send in questions for the GOP debate in two weeks. Congratulations my friends, Operation Climate Conversation is working, and it's working in a big way.

We want to show Mr. Tapper and CNN we can win fair and square, by submitting as many thoughtful, climate-related questions as possible. Because if Jake thinks that we're going to stop now, he's tapping up the wrong tree. Click here to send your climate related question directly to CNN and Jake Tapper so we can continue shaping the debate.

Climate change may have been OutFOXed in the last debate, but we're close to making sure it's CN-Never left out again. Now that Tapper is feeling the heat, we can't let up. So we're working with our friends at Climate Truth and other organizations to turn up the temperature and flood CNN with questions just like climate change is flooding our coastlines.

Our next President can continue building on the policies of President Obama, or tear them all down and unleash climate catastrophe. Just yesterday news broke of a plan among some Senators to undermine the President's climate agenda ahead of the summit in Paris this December.2 The multi-faceted plan includes everything from dismantling the Clean Power Plan, to blocking the funds to help developing nations adapt and respond to climate impacts, to intimidating international leaders so they won't cooperate with a global deal.

We need to know if the next president will follow Obama's lead, dismantle the progress we've made, or lead us even farther to a clean energy future for all. But we'll only find out those plans if the questions are asked at the debates. Tapper asked us to submit questions that show the differences between candidates, and get at their core views on how to lead this country. That's exactly why we started Operation Climate Conversation.

Jake Tapper asked us nicely to stop flooding his twitter feed, but by the time we're done, he's going to be inundated with climate questions. Click here to send your climate question to Jake Tapper and let's put global warming front and center in future debates.

Thanks for sounding off,

Anthony and the Climate Conversational team at Environmental Action

PS - On social media? You can tweet @JakeTapper using the hashtag #CNNDebate or post on the show's Facebook wall here.

1. Jake Tapper, Twitter feed, September 2, 2015
2. Restuccia, Andrew. Republicans Plan Attack On Climate Pact. Politico Pro. September 3, 2015.


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