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Our billboard goes up in downtown Madison soon calling out the cost of  Walker's climate inaction! Can you chip in to help us get the message out for an extra week in Wisconsin?


Hello! With your help, we have nearly raised $2,500 to put up two billboards in Madison, WI, calling out Governor Scott Walker's climate denial. The billboards will be up soon where they will be seen by an estimated 417,078 drivers in Madison - that's more Madison viewers than all the major cable news networks COMBINED in prime time.

Walker has called the Clean Power Plan "a blow to Wisconsin residents and business owners,"1 and warned that it will make electric bills skyrocket. But that's simply not true. Wisconsin has a lot of options — including boosting renewable energy and energy efficiency, both of which create jobs — to meet its carbon-cutting target.2 But rather than preparing for the new climate rules, Gov. Walker is leading the Seditious Six governors stonewalling them.

Lives, public health and the economy are all at stake if Walker and other governors refuse to act on climate. But we need your help to make sure Wisconsinites see and hear the truth before it's too late. We need to get our message out now before the Seditious Six, and Walker in particular, can derail our action on climate. Click here to donate $25 and help us keep our billboard up in downtown Madison for an extra week. Together, we'll call out climate denial and show Wisconsin the cost of his inaction.

Walker might be slipping in the polls for president,3 but he still has a fan base in Wisconsin. To implement the clean power plan and protect our climate we not only have to convince Walker, but the people who vote for him. And that's going to be tough: Scott Walker just might be the worst of the Seditious Six governors rebelling against President Obama's Clean Power Plan. Walker's track record of anti-environment programs is as long as anyone's, and his climate denial and support for the fossil fuel industry is unmatched.

Walker and the rest of the Seditious Six governors are off base in their assessment of the Clean Power Plan's economic impact for two reasons: First, building tons of clean energy and making improvements in energy efficiency will SAVE the average American $85 per year, not increase electricity prices. Second the solar industry already employs more than twice the number of people who work in coal mining, so Wisconsin and other states will grow their economies even as they cut costs and protect public health.1

That's why we need to convince Scott Walker's real bosses: the voters of Wisconsin. And to do that, I need your help right away. Click here to donate $15, $50 or whatever you can to help us tell Gov. Walker to act on climate!

Thanks for all you do,

Sally and the Clean Power team at Environmental Action

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