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Donate here to help us put up a billboard in Louisiana calling out Jindal's climate denial, and the cost of his clean power defiance.


We've raised almost $2,500 to put up a digital billboard in Baton Rouge calling out Governor Bobby Jindal's climate denial. But we need to raise approximately another $1,000 soon so our ads can run for a whole week where they will be seen by an estimated 82,500 people in Louisiana's capitol.

We think Bobby deserves some Billboard Time because he of all people should know better than to refuse to act on climate. He should know that memories of Hurricane Katrina still haunt many residents of Louisiana. He can see first hand the effects of the BP oil spill still washing up along Louisiana's coast. He should pay more attention to the fact that his home state is literally sinking into the Gulf of Mexico because of sea level rise and oil over-development.1 And he must know that climate change makes extreme weather disasters more frequent and more powerful.2

But as a climate denier who refuses to act on climate, Jindal is more dangerous to his state than the next climate-fueled storm. That's why we need to tell Bobby to ditch his Big Oil alliance and stop his clean power defiance. Click here to help us make sure Jindal gets the message.

Bobby Jindal has seen some of the worst effects of climate change up close and heard our calls for action. As a Catholic, he's even felt the call to action when Pope Francis called on the world to act on climate in his encyclical. So why is he fighting action on climate change by refusing to comply with the Clean Power Plan?

New polls show that 70 percent of registered voters want their governors to comply with the EPA's Clean Power Plan, including 58 percent of Republicans surveyed.3 And that's what makes the Seditious Six governors like Jindal so dangerous. While scientists, faith leaders and the public are appealing to lawmakers for immediate action, these six governors have announced they will not only ignore the Clean Power Plan, they'll attack it in the courts and use all their political capital to block it.

Lives, public health and the economy are all at stake if Jindal and other governors refuse to act on climate. That's why we need your help to make sure Louisianans near Governor Bobby's office see and hear the truth about climate disruption and the Clean Power Plan. But we're just a few hundred dollars short of our goal.

We need to get our message out now before the Seditious Six, and Jindal in particular, derail President Obama's clean power plan -- the first American plan to cut global warming pollution from power plants. Click here to donate $25 and help us keep our billboard up in Baton Rouge for more than a few days. Together, we'll call out climate denial and show Louisiana the cost of his inaction.

Thanks for all you do,

Sally and the Clean Power team at Environmental Action

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