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Friends and Supporters,

Yesterday I sent you all an email regarding our campaign to stop the Florida Black Bear hunt, which is slated to start on October 24th. In that email I inadvertently made an inaccurate statement regarding Florida Wildlife Commissioner Aliesa "Liesa" Priddy. Specifically I wrote, "Even more troubling is the declaration from some hunters that they plan on killing bears illegally -- and are boasting about the plans on a Facebook page owned by an FWC Commissioner's ranch." In fact Ms. Priddy does not own JB Ranch Outfitters, or its Facebook page. I apologize for my error and retract that statement. Because the Facebook page operated by JB Ranch Outfitters has a similar name to JB Ranch, which is owned by Commissioner Priddy, I mistakenly assumed they were the same.

We remain opposed to this ill-advised and unnecessary hunt of Florida Black Bears and continue to support the lawsuit seeking to stop this hunt. And we stand by the fact that even a small number of hunters publicly bragging about strategies to circumvent the law, or complaining about how unfeasible it is to comply with the Wildlife Commission's rules underscores our point that this hunt is not well conceived or structured. You can sign on to support the campaign and stay informed here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me back. I appreciate your attention to this and look forward to continuing the fight for the Florida Black Bears.

Thanks for all you do,

Anthony for Environmental Action


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