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Last Thursday, I got to spend the day with Walmart workers, activists and leaders in the fight for racial, gender and economic justice.

We had gathered to be part of the re-launch of Our Walmart, a diverse coalition of activist groups (including Environmental Action) who are working to make America’s largest private employer, and one of the biggest corporations in the world, into the kind of company we want to work for and shop with. We’ve been a leader in the fight to clean up Walmart’s energy portfolio by pressing them to live up to a 2005 commitment to get all their power from clean sources.

Check out my report about what's next for the Walmart campaign, and the fight for responsible companies that treat our shared home right:

Over the last year, our team has won some big victories. We convinced Walmart to install thousands of kilowatts of solar power on their U.S. stores,  raise wages for 500,000 workers and treat more employees with respect --including better policies for pregnant workers.

Walmart, in turn, has responded with a multi-million dollar PR and lobbying blitz. They've purchased ads on TV touting their new wages and won awards from President Obama for their commitment to clean energy. But the truth is that Walmart still has a long ways to go in terms of how they treat people and the planet. Our event, including a live telecast town hall meeting, was intended to remind them of that. Click here to see the whole town hall meeting, including speeches and messages from Robert Reich and others!

Thanks for tuning in and for all you do!

Drew and the fair wages, safe planet team at Environmental Action


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