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Up next: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Donate here to help us put up a billboard in Trenton calling on Christie to comply with the Clean Power Plan.


So what do you do when you have a governor who admits climate change is real and caused by humans, but rejects the first plan in U.S. history to cut global warming pollution from power plants? You call him out, of course.

Speaking in in New Hampshire this spring, Christie said “I think global warming is real. I don’t think that’s deniable, and I do think human activity contributes to it... There’s no use in denying global warming exists. The question is what we do to deal with it.”1 And yet, just a few weeks later Christie slammed President Obama's Clean Power Plan, calling it an "unlawful" overreach by the federal government.2

Well, lets tell Christie what we can do to "deal with it." Click here to help us make sure Christie gets the message.

To stop climate chaos we need all 50 states to do more than just comply with the Clean Power Plan, we need them to dramatically exceed it. Christie is leading New Jersey in the wrong direction, and unfortunately, it matters. His opposition comes after 15 other states petitioned a federal court to delay implementation of the new rules  and 15 other states, including his neighbor New York, to issue statements in support of the plan. Instead of fighting with other northeastern governors to make the CPP work, Christie is fragmenting  a major block of states where millions of Americans live and are impacted by climate change.

It doesn't need to be this way: Polls show that 70 percent of registered voters want their governors to comply with the EPA's Clean Power Plan, including 58 percent of Republicans.3 While scientists, faith leaders and the public are appealing to lawmakers for immediate action, these governors have announced they'll attack action on climate in the courts and use all their political capital to block it.

Help get our message out now, before Christie and his friends can derail President Obama's clean power plan. Click here to donate $25, $50 or whatever you can and together we'll call out climate inconsistency in New Jersey.

Thanks for all you do,

Sally and the Clean Power team at Environmental Action

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