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We are almost to our goal, but we need your help: Donate here to help us put up a billboard in Trenton calling on Christie to comply with the Clean Power Plan.


When Governor Chris Christie announced his opposition to President Obama's new Clean Power Plan (CPP), he called it an "unlawful" overreach by the federal government. He also said, "This is a fundamentally flawed plan that threatens the progress we’ve already made in developing clean and renewable energy in New Jersey without the heavy-handed overreach of Washington.”1

But while Christie may think the Garden State is doing fine without the CPP, a new analysis released this week by the Union of Concerned Scientists identified New Jersey as one of 16 states that are over-reliant on fracked gas. In fact, New Jersey's reliance on fracked gas has grown 13 percent in the last eight years! And since fracked gas is just as bad, or worse, for the climate than dirty coal,2 not to mention the fact that it's crowding out investments in solar and wind, Christie is leading his state in the wrong direction.3

We know that New Jersey, like a lot of states, can benefit from the CPP. And they can't afford not to, given warnings about rising sea levels and stronger storms fueled by climate change. If Christie gets on board with the CPP, New Jersey can meet its goals and create jobs by expanding solar and wind energy.4 But by choosing to not comply, Christie is lining up with polluters like the Koch brothers against his constituents and our shared environment.

We need to show Christie that it's in his interest to comply with the Clean Power Plan, and that his constituents are paying attention. Click here to help us make sure Christie gets the message by putting up a big billboard next to the State Capitol in Trenton.

New Jersey, has already seen an eight-inch rise in sea level over the past 100 years. Another 12-24 inches could happen by 2050 if we don't act on climate change. Warming seas also can create more powerful storms, like Hurricane Sandy – and the impact of those storms can be felt far beyond the shore. According to the National Climate Assessment, states like New Jersey have already seen a 70 percent increase in extreme rainstorms since the middle of the 20th century.5

To stop climate chaos we need all 50 states to do more than just comply with the Clean Power Plan, we need them to dramatically exceed it. Christie is leading New Jersey in the wrong direction, and unfortunately, it matters. Instead of fighting with his neighbors in New York to make the CPP work, Christie's fragmenting a major block of states where millions of Americans live and are impacted by climate change.

Help us reach our goal and put the message out now, before Christie and his friends can derail President Obama's Clean Power Plan. Click here to donate $25, $50 or whatever you can and together we'll take climate action to New Jersey.

Thanks for all you do,

Sally and the Clean Power team at Environmental Action

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