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Have you heard one of the ads on NPR that tell you to “Think about” how great fracked gas is? Are you bothered by the fact that NPR’s coverage of climate change and the environment has declined by 20 percent in the last five years, just as the climate crisis is really heating up?1 Are you sick of Ira Glass asking you to donate for 45 minutes out of every hour, only to bring you 15 minutes of news sponsored by America’s Natural Gas Alliance?

Don’t tune out, drop in with us! This Friday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST we’re hosting an all-frack-free hour of radio. We’ll bring you the compelling, personal stories of activists fighting fracking. You know, the kind of stories you long to hear on NPR, but seldom do. And we’ll give you a live update from NPR’s doorstep on our work to convince the Ombudsperson, the CEO and YOUR local station to support fossil fuel divestment. It’ll be great, just like NPR used to be. But only if you tune in to watch and listen, live, right here on the internet. Click here to RSVP to watch with us or see the replay.

We’ve been pressuring NPR to stop taking money from the American Natural Gas Alliance – the lobby group for US Frackers.2 They haven’t given in yet, but there have been some amazing twists and turns in the story that you just have to hear to believe.

There’s the time that dozens of activists called their local NPR stations and demanded a meeting to talk about fracking and NPR’s coverage — and you know what? It worked! Local listeners have sat down with station managers from North Carolina to California. But what happened and what the local managers said can’t be heard on NPR – it can only be heard right here on frack free radio with Environmental Action.

Volunteer researchers and listeners have been compiling a comprehensive list of every biased fracking story aired on NPR. We offered to share the info with the NPR Ombudswoman, and she even wrote her own two-part series documenting a 20% decline in coverage of climate change and the environment during the last 5 years. But you won’t hear anything about how the coverage of FRACKING has changed, or a plan for how to fix it unless you tune in to frack free radio with Environmental Action.

Local activists and communities from coast to coast are rising up to fight fracking, and all the pipelines, compressor stations and export/import terminals it begets. And yet four out of five stories on NPR describe fracked gas as “clean,” “safe,” “necessary” or all of the above. If you want to hear the real story of how local communities are fighting back, and winning, against fracked gas — you’ve got to tune in this Friday the 23rd at 11 a.m. EST (or anytime after for the replay) for frack free radio with Environmental Action.


Drew and the frack free radio team at Environmental Action.

PS - Fair warning, if you haven't noticed, it's pledge drive month at most local NPR stations. So we're taking the opportunity to hijack their front doorstep and broadcast our own radio program. But we're also asking you to chip in a few dollars so we can fight for frack free radio for on national PUBLIC radio. If you want to pledge to give us some money this fall, instead of chipping in to your local NPR station, just click here.

1 - Environmental Action, NPR Ombud: Naw honey we're good, September 28, 2015
2 - Environmental Action, Pump up the volume, live from NPR let's stop fracking! April 21, 2014


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