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Utilities are ready for a Clean Power Plan future -- we're just waiting on governors. Sign here to tell ALL governors, to act on climate by complying with President Obama's Clean Power Plan.


Ready, set.... GO! The Environmental Protection Agency’s new carbon  rule capping global warming from power plants will formally be published tomorrow. That means tomorrow kicks off the 60-day clock for lawsuits to be filed over the rule, which we expect shortly after the court opens for business today.1

And while coal companies, seven seditious governors and 16 attorneys general are working on challenges to President Obama's Clean Power Plan, most electric utilities have a different strategy: They are embracing it.2

Yep, sorry not sorry to governors such as Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal. It's a no-brainer plan for utility companies; renewable energy is getting cheaper, more popular and a recent survey by the Energy Department found that utilities paid 66 percent less for wind power purchased under long-term contracts in 2014 than 2009.2

The green energy future is already here, we just need these governors and lawyers to get out of the way! Please click here to tell all Governors to take action for our climate and public health and comply with the Clean Power Plan?

Around the country, states and power companies are working to implement the Clean Power Plan by reducing carbon pollution, expanding clean energy and improving energy efficiency.  Only one state, Oklahoma, has committed to follow Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s advice by “just saying no” to the EPA standards. But other states are suing EPA, or have governors and attorneys general threatening to refuse climate action. And still in other states, top officials are divided: In Missouri, Michigan and Colorado, attorneys general are suing EPA, but governors are committed to writing state plans to reduce carbon pollution, expand clean energy and improve energy efficiency.3

It's a confusing mess, but it doesn't have to be. Most utilities have already started using less coal power and increasing sources of renewable energy to cut global warming pollution 32 percent by 2030.2  What's worrying us is the 15 states, led by West Virginia, that plan to file lawsuits in federal court along with numerous business and fossil fuel groups, and the seven governors refusing to comply or write plans to support their utilities.

To act on climate change and make the plan to cut global warming pollution from power plants succeed, we need ALL 50 states to do more than just comply with the Clean Power Plan, we need them to dramatically exceed it.2

If we want to win, we have to get EVERYONE on board -- starting with you. Before it's too late, will you click here to tell all Governors to take action, protect our climate and public health, and comply with the Clean Power Plan?

Thanks for all you do,

Sally and the clean up the Clean Power Plan crew at Environmental Action

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