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President Obama announced that he will attend the COP21 Climate Summit next month in Paris. But senators beholden to the polluters want to block his Clean Power Plan before he gets there to embarrass him and sabotage the summit. Click here to tell your Senators to stop the COP(21)Blocking.


In three weeks the entire world will look to Paris where world leaders and thousands of global activists will arrive to fight for a global plan to address climate change. The so-called COP21 Climate Summit could be our best chance in a decade to tackle humanity's greatest challenge. That's why President Obama recently announced that he plans on attending the first day of the summit, to show the world the U.S. is ready to lead.1

But back home, a coalition of senators led by Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Climate-Denier-In Chief, James Inhofe (R-OK) are planning a vote to block the President's Clean Power Plan (CPP). They know their proposal won't become law, but they want to do it anyway to embarrass the president and send a signal to the world that Congress won't honor any deals made in Paris - I'm telling all of y'all this is climate sabotage. Leading climate In-activists plan to use a tool called the Congressional Resolution Act (CRA), which is flilibuster proof and only requires a simple majority to pass.2  A key house commitee just voted to approve the bills, and Majority Leader McConnell has announced his plans to hold the vote just days before COP21 begins.

Even though President Obama can veto any bill to repeal the CPP,a victory by the Senate Saboteurs on the eve of these important negotiations would send the wrong message to world leaders about our commitment to fight climate disruption. We can't let that happen. Will you contact your senators today and tell them to stop the COP(21)blocking?

Obama's CPP would reduce carbon emissions for coal plants by 32 percent over the next two decades. It's a key part of the U.S. promises made to the United Nations to cut global warming pollution, and no one knows this more than the roughly 50 Senators who oppose the plan. But even Senators like Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), who previously voted against the CPP, are seeing the light. Facing a tough re-election campaign in New Hampshire, Republican Ayotte said, "New Hampshire is well on its way to meeting the goals in this Clean Power Plan. Obviously, I support doing that through clean energy solutions."4 But not every Senator is in a tough re-election fight, so we're going to have to bring the heat if we're going to kill this CRA-z plan from congressional climate deniers.

The CPP alone won't stop global warming, which is exactly why we need Obama to go to Paris looking for more reforms, not defending the ones we've got. Most scientists say that the COP21 Summit pledges so far will not prevent global temperature from rising past two degrees Celsius5 -- the tipping point when climate catastrophe will put the whole planet at risk. That's why even major carbon emitters like China are backing plans for greater accountability and global evaluations of each nation's emission levels every five years.6 You read that right, China has indicated willingness to lead on tougher climate action at tCOP 21., while we squabble back home about if climate change is even real.7

If the CRA passes, our nation will be leading from behind on humanity's greatest challenge. The world is looking to us to take a leadership role in Paris and beyond. But to do that we can't allow the Senate Saboteurs to have their way. Click here and tell your senators to vote no on the CPP killing CRA.

Thanks for sounding off,

Anthony and the Environmental Action CPP Support Crew

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