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Check it out: Our full page ad calling on Congress to block legislation permitting crude oil exports and keep fossil fuels in the ground ran in yesterday's paper! Thanks to the support of hundreds of members and donors like you, we were able to own the back-cover of Capitol Hill's most read newspaper, which is also delivered daily to every member of Congress' office.

Our call to bury the oil export bill came at just the right moment, too. Thanks in part to our public pressure, the House passed up a chance to attach an export provision to a must-pass highway bill.1 That was a big win for our team of climate warriors, and a big defeat for the slick-suited lobbyists at Big Oil.

This isn't the last we'll hear of Sen. Murkowski's slick plans to slide her oil export proposal into an unrelated legislation in an attempt to sneak it past President Obama and climate champions on the hill. Big Oil's backers in Congress are rumored to be eyeing a big spending bill that must pass by December 11 as their next target. Climate-deniers and fossil fuel supporters see it as a potential double-victory: They'd force the president to choose between shutting down the government right before Christmas, or keeping his promise to veto oil exports; And they'd do it right in the middle of the big UN climate talks in Paris, sending the message that Big Oil runs America's government at exactly the wrong time.2

That's why we're jumping at a chance to run our ad again in a second newspaper while the debate is still fresh in our legislators' minds. Check out your very handsome handiwork below, and then chip in to help us stop keep burying the crude oil export bill, so we can keep fossil fuels in the ground.

(Click to see a larger version of the ad you helped run!)

Thanks again,

Drew and the keep it in the ground crew at Environmental Action

1- Jennifer A. Dlouhy, End of the road for oil exports on highway bill, FuelFix, November 4, 2015 
2- Eric Wolff et all, Morning Energy, Politico, November 5, 2015


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