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In a few weeks, world leaders will gather to negotiate a global climate change agreement. But American companies and pro-gas politicians have been trying to stack the negotiations in favor of fracking. Help us send a delegation of fracktivists to the Paris Climate talks and un-frack the global climate deal.


As the world gets ready for the global climate talks in Paris next month, Americans are getting ready to lead. Just yesterday Senators Jeff Merkley and Bernie Sanders unveiled a bill to ban all fossil fuel extraction on public lands.1 The Keep it in the Ground Act was specifically designed to build and expand the Protect Our Public Lands Act in the House, which bans fracking on public land.2 Together the two bills send a strong message that Congressional leaders are ready to fight for an end to fracking.

But somebody is missing from the call to action: President Obama and his UN negotiating team have not yet committed to fight for a frack-free and 100 percent renewable energy future this December at the Paris climate talks.

We have a plan to convince them, by sending a delegation of our friends from Beyond Extreme Energy (BXE) to Paris for the climate talks. While there, we'll help deliver a letter from more than 1,250 organizations, including over 700 American groups like Environmental Action, calling for an international ban on fracking.3 But the BXE team needs our help to get to Paris and take action. Can you chip in to help support these fracktivists in Paris as they fight for us all?

The global frackdown letter is just one part of a coordinated strategy from fracktivists around the world. All this month, local activists from California to Maine are leading events to demonstrate US solidarity in the face a fracking boom that has impacted so many of our communities.4 This is really important, because America is the home of the fracking boom -- and the source of most of the powerful, monied interests trying to convince world leaders that fracked gas is a "bridge fuel" and an essential part of global warming action.5

And while it's exciting to see Congress do something good for a change, proposals like the Keep it in the Ground Act only address federal lands. We know that fracked gas isn't clean or safe anywhere and we're not willing to let some of our neighbors and friends be sacrificed just because they live next to a private fracking site. That's the message our allies at We Are Cove Point took to one of America's biggest fracking investor by staging a high-flying banner drop at Bank of America Stadium live during Monday Night Football this week.6

When it comes to climate change, we know fracked gas is a bridge to nowhere. Fracked gas may even be worse for the climate than dirty coal -- as long as the frackers are allowed to leak as much methane as they want.7

The solution is simple: We need to ban fracking, leave fossil fuels in the ground and build more renewable energy, NOW. That’s the message our friends at BXE are taking to Paris. Will you chip in to help them show up, be seen and take action to ban fracking everywhere?


Drew and the Beyond Fracking Crew at Environmental Action

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