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On November 9th, young activists from around the country are coming to Washington, D.C. to demand justice on race, climate change and immigration. Donate here to help send a bus of youth activists to D.C. for the Our Generation, Our Choice rally.


It's been quite a week for climate activists. Yesterday, President Obama officially rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline, citing U.S. climate leadership as his reason.1 One of the keys to the Keystone victory was our inter-generational effort that put young people at the front of our work. But the same young activists who were so essential to stopping Keystone aren't even close to done with their demands for a just transition that works for all.

Former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli once said, "The youth of a nation are trustees of posterity." Next week young activist from around the country will descend on Washington, D.C. to compound and vindicate this statement at the Our Generation, Our Choice day of action. Organizers of the event say, "We need political leaders with plans that are in line with the imperatives of justice on race, climate change and immigration." As trustees of our future, the youth demand investment in healthy jobs, an economy that works for all and leader who leave fossil fuels in the ground.

I am pleased to join a bus of young activists from New York City for this amazing day of action. But to make sure everyone who wants to attend the maximum number of young folks to this game changing event I need your help. Will you chip in whatever you can to help the future of our country and world get their voices heard?

In less than one year, our nation will vote for its next president. But 70 percent of young voters say they feel ignored and have developed a "deep disaffection and distrust in politicians and political institutions."2 This distrust is dangerous because it isn't apathy, but it does stop them from voting. Only 45 percent of voters between 18 and 29 voted in 2012 and less than 20 percent voted in 2012.3 The Our Generation, Our Choice day of action is a direct response to this trend. Led by and for young voters who demand a political process and lawmakers that work for them and the issues that will impact young people the most, including climate change - they are trying to take the system back

Isn't this what we have been asking of young voters? Aren't we always bewildered and even frustrated about the fact that young folks don't play a large enough role in political discourse? That's why this event is so important, and it's why I want to help young activists get to to D.C. I think we should show them that we enthusiastically have their backs. Donate here and show your support for our youth and our future climate leaders.

Thanks for all you do,

Anthony for Environmental Action and the Young Activists 

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