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This is really happening. In the wake of the Keystone XL win, the climate movement is uniting behind our call to prosecute Exxon for lying about climate change. Can you chip in a few dollars to help us take this fight to the halls of power in Washington, D.C., next week with some amazing allies?


Last week, when President Obama rejected the Keystone Pipeline, it was the first time a first world leader has ever vetoed a pipeline because it was just too damaging to the climate.1 The day before, New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman subpoenaed Exxon and opened an investigation into the news that they have deceived the world about climate change for decades.1 And just this week, Schneiderman's office won a suit against a big coal company for lying about climate change as well.2

As Bill McKibben just said, "The fossil-fuel industry—which, for two centuries, underwrote our civilization and then became its greatest threat—has started to take serious hits."1 I say let's pour it on.

Next week I'm going to D.C. to deliver your name and over a quarter million others to the Department of Justice. And I won't be going alone: friends from 350, Climate Hawks and several other groups are mobilizing with us. But moving fast means we need your support right away. Can you chip in a few bucks to support our work to hold Exxon Accountable?

  • $15 buys supplies to make signs, banners and art for the protest;
  • $30 helps with a donation to the local gas station owner (who doesn't work for Exxon and is as much a victim of their climate cover up as the rest of us);
  • $100 pays the travel cost to bring in a special guest, like a legal expert, frontline community member or me!

We didn't arrive at this moment by accident. We've been fighting Exxon and climate chaos for years. But the victory on Keystone shows that we can win if we stick to it. And the news that Exxon knew about climate change as far back as the 1970s, but chose to cover it up and fund a massive dis-information campaign when they could have acted to save countless lives,3 has opened a new front in the war.

New allies flock to our banner every day - from powerful politicians like Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and Rep. Ted Lieu,4 to presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.5 Since the Keystone win, leading climate warriors like Bill McKibben have been talking about this Exxon Campaign non-stop as the "next big thing."

But for all the support we've gained in the last few days, the Obama administration and his Department of Justice still have not spoken publicly about Exxon and the need to prosecute them. That's why I'm headed to D.C. next week, to deliver your name and put the white-hot spotlight of public attention squarely on our nation's top law enforcement officials. Can you help? Even a few dollars means a lot to us, and you donate to support this important work online in just a few minutes by clicking here.


Anthony and the team at Environmental Action

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