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Moments after the Clean Power Plan was formally published last month, opponents of the rule filed suit to strike it down. In a congressional hearing last month the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) critics continued to claim the plan will create economic catastrophe and violates the constitution. Although they can't stop Obama's plan, they're hoping that the clamor will embolden governors and state policymakers to resist complying with the rule.1

But these claims should be taken for what they are: noise. The EPA's flexible, cost-minimizing approach to reducing carbon pollution from power plants is consistent with the Clean Air Act and the Constitution. Plus, not only do we have the facts, but we also have amazing people like you on our side. This week, with the help of Sierra Club, Illinois PIRG and other environmental leaders, we delivered 35,000 signatures to Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner encouraging him to make Illinois a leader in clean energy job creation and economic activity.2 And in West Virginia, former seditious Governor Earl Ray Tomblin has just announced that he will submit a plan to comply with Clean Power Plan.3

Folks we are winning this fight! Now not only do we need all governors on board with the Clean Power Plan, we also need congress to take action on climate. Click here to tell congress why blocking the Clean Power Plan would bad for the entire country.

It's more than disappointing that Senator Mitch McConnell and other members of Congress of both parties from coal-dependent states are trying to derail the Clean Power Plan. Their tool is the Congressional Review Act, a law that allows Congress to stop federal agency regulations from taking effect by passing a resolution of disapproval.4 Industry groups and fossil-fuel-heavy states attacking the Clean Power Plan want to preserve the status quo, which ignores dangerous carbon pollution and the costly threat of climate change happening right now, right here.

The Clean Power Plan is long overdue and we have no time to waste. But a victory by the Senate Saboteurs on the eve of these important negotiations would send the wrong message to world leaders about our commitment to fight climate disruption. We can't let that happen. Click here to tell Congresto stop COP21 blocking and by attempting to repeal the clean power plan before it has a chance to work.

Thanks for all you do,

Sally and the clean up the Clean Power Plan crew at Environmental Action

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