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The next debate between leading Democratic candidates is tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern on CBS, and online with us! Click here to RSVP to watch with us, or come back for a recording of our live conversation!


If you don't have plans tonight, can we invite you on a date?

The next Democratic presidential debate is tonight, and there's a good chance of seeing some tough talk on energy and climate change.1 The first debate featured extensive back-and-forth about climate change policy and energy development. The most recent forum, with Rachel Maddow, wasn't a real debate format, so the candidates didn't mix it up or challenge each other. What's more, it happened on the same day President Obama had vetoed Keystone, so most of the conversations centered on that. 

In this next forum at 9 p.m. Eastern / 6 p.m. Pacific, we expect to hear more questions and debate about climate change. And since twitter is an official co-sponsor, they'll be paying close attention to questions we ask on social media about the call to prosecute ExxonMobil for lying about climate change, and drilling and fracking on public lands. And given that the event takes place in Iowa, candidates will almost certainly talk about ethanol, renewable fuel standards and other gasoline alternatives. Click here to RSVP & watch with us, we promise to bring some friends so it's a fun, lively conversation and not at all an awkward first date.

Face The Nation host and CBS News journalist John Dickerson will assume the role of primary moderator.2 Dickerson will be joined by fellow colleague and congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes, who has been on the campaign trail covering myriad of candidates.3 Also asking questions will be local anchor Kevin Cooney and political columnist Kathie Obradovich, who has written a number of columns about climate change for The Des Moines Register.4

That's an experienced panel, and a lot of past reporting on climate change. But the surest way to make sure these hosts actually ask climate questions is to tell them we'll be watching and what we want them to do! You can help: click here to RSVP and submit your questions live on social media tonight!


Drew Hudson and the debate team at Environmental Action

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