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Breaking: Senate Leader Mitch McConnell just announced the chamber will vote tomorrow to nullify President Obama's Clean Power Plan. This is a frivolous attempt to undermine the international climate summit and discourage world leaders from acting on climate. Click here to tell your senators, "don't even think about COP(21)Blocking."


Two weeks ago I warned you of some Senators' plan to sabotage the COP21 Climate Summit, which begins two weeks from now in Paris. Last week, Sally updated you that even as more and more Governors opt in to acting on climate, the Senate is leading the charge against progress and for more pollution. Well, tomorrow they unleash their scheme as Senate Leader, and King Coal cohort, Mitch McConnell just announced the Senate will vote to overturn President Obama's Clean Power Plan (CPP).1 McConnell and his fellow Senate coal cronies will introduce two resolutions via the Congressional Review Act, a rarely used, filibuster-proof legislative scheme that only requires a simple majority to pass.

Even though President Obama has promised to veto any resolution that attempts to block his climate agenda, senators from coal-y rolling states are pushing ahead. Why the rush if they can't get this legislation signed into law, you ask? Their real agenda is to reduce international confidence in the president's ability to deliver on U.S. climate commitments2 - it's a classic case of Paris sabotage. Should these senators succeed, it would send the wrong message to the world and reduce the U.S.'s standing as a global leader.

There's still time, but not much, to stop this insurrection and show the world we are ready to lead. Click here to contact your senators today and tell them to stop COP(21)Blocking.

Last week the people of Paris experienced a horrific and barbaric attack - but the people of Paris are committed to taking their lives back and pressing ahead in unity.3 In an effort to match and honor the resolve of the French people, world leaders have decided to press ahead together with the COP21 Climate Summit. Many are calling on world leaders to hash out an even bolder global agreement on climate change as a sign of international solidarity and peace.4

I may sound emotional, but I think it's downright disgraceful that the Senate is attempting to block action while world leaders, some from nations fighting for their very survival, are ready to stand for climate action even in the face of terrorism.

I leave for Paris today to help other activists get ready for the summit and to represent members like you to the world. I don't want to get to Europe and learn that our senate acted capriciously, instead of acting on climate. None of us, and especially President Obama should have to explain to that the U.S. is not ready to lead. You can prevent this from happening by contacting your senators today and telling them to vote "No" on any climate killing resolutions. Click here to send that message right now.

Thanks for sounding off,

Anthony and the Environmental Action COP21 Support Crew

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