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A panel of EPA scientists said there was no basis for the agency's earlier claim that fracking doesn't cause 'widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water.' Sign now to tell EPA to listen to the science, its own people and retract the fracked up report.


This could be big. An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) panel of independent scientific advisers just called B.S. on the study issued last summer that downplayed the risks of fracking to our drinking water. We've been calling on EPA administrator Gina McCarthy to retract that study for months, and with a major hearing next week of this panel, known as the Science Advisory Board (SAB), now is the perfect time to turn up the heat.1

The SAB particularly criticized the flawed headline of that report, that fracking is unlikely to lead "to widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources in the United States." Frackers and their allies have been using that misleading claim from this one report to declare fracking is 'safe' and label all of us fighting to keep fossil fuels in the ground and protect public health as 'alarmists.'2

Sign here help us fight back using science and public opinion to show that fracking is a seriously dirty drilling practice to get at a mostly dirty fuel.

The SAB's findings carry special weight because its members come from academia, industry and federal agencies, as opposed to just industry scientist and self reporting the report mostly relied on.3 And their job is to evaluate whether the science done by EPA is up to snuff. In this case they found that EPA's cheer leading for the fracking industry was inconsistent, "with the observations/data presented in the body of the report."4

The SAB has already said ,"Neither the system of interest nor the definitions of widespread, systemic or impact are clear and it is not clear how this statement reflects the uncertainties and data limitations described in the Report's chapters." Next week, they're holding a live, telecast hearing for four hours to review public comments and independent analysis.5

This is our chance to strike at he heart of the EPA's flawed report and hold the frackers responsible once and for all. Sign here to send your comment to the SAB and EPA administrator McCarthy calling for EPA to retract this fracked report.


Drew and the fracking truth crew at Environmental Action

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