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Update: Dozens of our friends including 350, Climate Hawks Vote and Sierra Club are joining us to call on California Attorney General Kamala Harris to investigate Exxon Mobil for their climate change cover up. But she'll only get the message if she hears from you. Click here to tell Harris it's time to make Exxon toast from coast to coast.


I just want to make sure you saw my email from last week calling on California's Attorney General (AG) Kamala Harris to investigate Exxon. News reports show that Exxon knew about climate change in the 1970s, but instead of warning the world, they engaged in a massive cover-up. We've made some amazing progress, including a letter we just circulated to many environmental and community-based organizations across California and the world CAlling-on-Kamala to take action.

As our movement grows, we're building power and credibility. But the best way to get AG Harris to investigate Exxon is by delivering signatures from the public, and her constituents, like you.

Exxon is already feeling the pressure following the New York AG Schneiderman's announcement of his own investigation. And the Department of Justice is feeling it too after we delivered 300,000 signatures demanding they open an investigation. Exxon is feeling it so acutely, that they recently posted a job announcement for a Global Climate Change Researcher.1 But no researcher will be able to defend Exxon's climate denial. Exxon should be hiring more lawyers instead of more scientists to advocate for their climate killing agenda.

More than ever, we need to hold climate deniers accountable, especially big companies like Exxon who knew about climate change all along and made massive profits off of climate chaos. Click here to send Kamala Harris this message and let's keep the squeeze on Exxon.

Thanks for sounding off,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Exxon Knew Crew

1. ExxonMobil Global Climate Change Researcher Position Announcement.

PS -- My email from last week is just below if you need a reminder or want to forward to some friends online.

Update: Last week over 300,000 of us demanded an investigation into whether Exxon broke the law when they lied about climate change. So far, only NY's Eric Schneiderman has responded. It's time for the Attorney General (AG) of our biggest state, California's Kamala Harris, to follow suit. Tell AG Kamala Harris it's time to make Exxon toast from coast to coast.

When InsideClimate News and the Los Angeles Times exposed Exxon's climate cover-up,1 many people were not that surprised. After all, Exxon's whole business model is about emitting as much global warming pollution into our climate as possible. But just because we weren't shocked doesn't mean that Exxon's scheme was morally justified, or that it was legal. That decision needs to be made by our top law-enforcement agencies, most importantly our Attorneys General.

The good news is pressure is building on our lawmakers to deliver justice. Last week we delivered more than 300,000 signatures (including 50,000 of yours) to the Department of Justice demanding an investigation from AG Loretta Lynch.2 Our case is stronger since last month New York's AG, Eric Schneiderman, served Exxon with subpoenas to determine if they misled the public when instead of revealing what they knew about climate change, they embarked on a campaign of climate denial by funding think tanks like the Heritage Foundation.3

But we can't stop there if we're going to get the justice we deserve. Last week we learned that California's AG, Kamala Harris, has the authority to investigate Exxon under the same laws she has used to prosecute subprime mortgage lenders.4 If we can get the AG of our biggest state to join New York in opening an investigation, it will make it impossible for Exxon to evade us and justice. Click here to tell AG Kamala Harris to throw the book at Exxon, and make them toast from coast to coast for lying about climate change.

Californians don't need anyone to tell them about the realities and consequences of climate change.  Last year California Governor Jerry Brown discussed the state's historic drought from the snow-less Sierra Nevada mountains.5 The drought is so bad, black balls are being placed in reservoirs to slow evaporation.6 It's also responsible for historic wildfires that have claimed over seven million acres of land in one year.7 The idea of a Big Oil corporation hiding the truth and putting the lives of Californians at risk just to make a buck should raise a level of outrage in the state's elected leaders that burns hotter than a wildfire.

Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) was very clear about what constitutes a crime when he said, "misleading or omitting facts is a violation of securities law."2 Based on this understanding, an investigation into Exxon is not only warranted, but also the duty of California's top cop.

Last year I attended the largest climate awareness rally in California history, the March for Real Climate Leadership.8 Participants had a clear message for state lawmakers, "we want climate champions to act  on climate." Kamala Harris, who is also running to replace Barbara Boxer in the U.S. Senate, can show that she hears these calls by investigating Exxon. Click here to make sure she gets the message.

Thanks for sounding off,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Exxon Knew Crew

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