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This #GivingTuesday, can you chip in to support our one of a kind activism to save our climate and planet? We're taking action on the streets and at the COP21 negotiations. We're backing up front line activists from around the world -- but we can only do this work if you choose to support it. Click here to make a donation.


From the streets of Paris to the front steps of Congress in Washington, D.C., you know Environmental Action will always be there to fight for our planet. But it's the way we fight that really defines us. At Environmental Action, we don't believe that the solutions to our climate problems will be hatched in a board room or written by a nominated politician. We believe that local actions will shepherd a global framework to protect our climate and our planet.

We're fighting locally, to change things globally. And we're bringing the voices that are too often left out of the conversation: Low income communities, communities of color and front-line activists hit hardest by the impacts of our dig, dump and burn economy.

We can do that because we answer to no one but you - our members and supporters. We receive no funding from corporations, and less than 1 percent of our budget from foundations. You're all we've got, and you're all we need.

This #GivingTuesday, give the gift of resistance: By making a donation to support Environmental Action, you're funding the kind of on-the streets, bottom up action that you know gets results. If you can, please consider making your gift resilient too: By becoming a monthly donor to Environmental Action and underwriting our capacity to keep fighting month in and month out.

There are a lot of great causes, even a lot of great environmental groups that you can help on #GivingTuesday -- a special day of the holiday season when we all try and make a donation to support the causes and charities.

But I truly believe Environmental Action is special. We're an all-online organization, which means we keep our staff small and our overhead lower than almost any charity I know. More importantly, we fight alongside local communities, especially those that are underrepresented or under-resourced. We pass through money every month to front line activists fighting fracking, extreme oil drilling, shipments of crude oil by rail and much much more.

And because we're fighting alongside those local and frontline activists, we always represent the people, places and animals most at risk. Just this weekend, our policy director was caught in the middle of a tense standoff with police and exposed to tear gas, pepper spray and detained for five hours when he went to document one of the first climate events here in Paris.*

That kind of commitment and dedication isn't something you can buy. But it's something we can always count on from each other because the staff, members and activists at Environmental Action are all here for the same reason: to save the planet and all of us who live on it. If you value the work we do together, then please chip in $15, $35 or whatever you can afford to support it.


Drew and the team, live from Paris and anywhere we can fight global warming.

* PS - We're filing daily reports on what's happening at the Paris Climate talks. Not just the official speeches and negotiations inside, but the rallies, protests and action demanding real change on the outside too. Click here to see the reports on our blog, including footage of that protest Anthony was caught in.


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