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Breaking: While we’ve been busy telling Senators that lifting the 40 Year ban on exporting crude oil would be a climate killer, it turns out that President Obama has been the one floating a deal all along. Click here to help us launch an internet ad telling him why, “The Ban Must Stand.”


Washington politics has always been an obscene game of cloak and daggers. This week takes the cake: While frontline activists have been here in Paris pushing our leaders to set a global deal to act on climate, back home our Congress has been negotiating to give Exxon and their allies everything they want at a bargain.

Since learning that some in the Senate are been floating a deal that to lift the 40 year ban on exporting crude, we’ve been on Red Alert. We joined a coalition of Keep-it-in-the-Ground activists with to let our senators know there is no deal good enough to end the ban and put communities at risk of more bomb drains, dirty air and public health impacts.

But while we were busy making calls and sending emails to these senators, it turns out that Barack Obama's White House has been negotiating a dirty deal all along.1 It’s a classic case of the Potomac Two Step. So we made a video with frontline students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities making their case for why the ban must stand. Will you click here to help us make our video into an internet ad the President cannot avoid to show him why we need to keep fossil fuels in the ground?

It makes absolutely no sense to make a deal allowing more oil and gas drilling when leading scientist have told us we need to keep 80 percent of fossil fuels in the ground to avert climate catastrophe.2 Even President Obama said it when he rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline.3 But President Obama, apparently, won't listen to scientists, won't listen to activists and won't even listen to his national security team who all agree that climate change is a major threat. But maybe he will listen to young, black leaders from the frontlines he claims to care so much about. 

The President has been trying to show that he's a climate leader. But now that the truth is out, we need to make sure he hears form the young people whose lives have already been impacted by climate change and Big Oil. Their communities would be put into double or even triple jeopardy if a deal to unleash more oil and gas drilling is made.

That's why we need to get this video up as an ad that President Obama hears. Maybe if the President Obama listens to these students he will think twice about making a deal that would affect their lives. Please click here to chip in and help make this possible.

Thanks for all you do,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Keep It In the Ground Krewe

1. Rampton, Roberta and Mason, Jeff. White House Says Opposes Measure to End U.S. Ban On Crude Oil Exports. Reuters. December 8, 2015.

2. Clark, Duncan. How Much of the World's Fossi Fuels Can We Burn. The Guardian. March 25, 2015.

3. Freking, Kevin. Obama: 'We're Going to Have to Keep Some Fossil Fuels in the Ground Rather Than Burn Them.' CNSNews.com. November 9, 2015.


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