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Urgent: The COP21 in Paris just ended with world leaders committing to measures that will keep global temperatures from rising 2 degrees Celsius. But back home our Senators are busy making a deal to lift the 40 year ban on crude oil exports, which would release more heat trapping emissions. Click here to call your Senators now and tell them "The Ban Must Stand."


The ink is barely dry on the COP21 climate deal just agreed to by 186 world leaders in Paris to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius,1 and back home many in the Senate still don't seem to get it. While some are praising President Obama's leadership in getting the deal in public on their Twitter accounts, behind closed doors they're getting even closer to making a dirty deal to end the 40 year ban on crude oil exports.2

Lifting the ban would be antithetical to everything achieved in Paris, and would send the wrong message to the world about our nation's genuine willingness to lead the fight against climate change. Allowing the equivalent of 108 million new cars on the road, annual emissions equal to 135 coal fired power plants and allowing for new oil and gas infrastructure3 is not what we need to be doing so soon after Paris, or at all for that matter - but that's just what lifting the ban would do.

Worse yet, Big Oil would rake in hundreds of billions in new profits. And what do you think they're going to do with that money, invest in renewables? No, they are going to invest it elections to ensure they get their candidates in our Congress who block future legislation to act on climate, roll back current policies, and push for even more oil and gas drilling - we are calling it, "The Crude Cycle."  In fact, since 2008, Big Oil has spent  $200 million on elections, with less than $30 million going to Democratic candidates.4 Makes you wonder why any Democratic senator would make this deal that would be nothing more than a self-inflicted wound.

Click here to call your Senators now and tell them: "The Ban Must Stand."

The holiday season is upon us and Big Oil has only one thing on their wish list, lifting this ban so they can celebrate a Crude Christmas. And there are too many senators who are willing to sign, seal and deliver this climate killing gift. To make matters worse, the White House is refusing to say that they'll reject any spending deal that includes lifting the ban.2

Last week in Paris, I had the opportunity to interview students from the Historically Black Collges and Universities (HBCU) Delegation who live and attend classes in frontline communities. It was sometimes gut-wrenching to hear their stories about losing loved ones, who live near oil and gas operations, to cancer and cardiovascular diseases.5 We sent the video to numerous senators and even to President Barack Obama, but we're still hearing news about a possible deal in the works.

It's bad enough they won't listen to our future leaders and the people whose lives would be most affected by more crude activity. That's why I need you to call your senators today and tell them to listen to these students, to listen to you and to listen to the world who all demand a fossil free future and for us to stand by our COP21 commitments. Click here to make sure they get the message and hear your voice.

Thanks for sounding off,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Keep-It-In-The-Ground Krewe

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