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HB 191 and SB 318 would increase fracking in Florida and block local communities from banning this extreme practice. The House version recently cleared a subcommittee and the full assembly is planning a vote in early January. Click here to help us greet them in Tallahassee with signs that say, "Don't Let Fracking Reign In The Sunshine State."


I don't need to tell you that the poisonous form of energy extraction known as "fracking" should not be allowed to happen anywhere in our nation. But if there is absolutely one place that it shouldn't happen, Florida is definitely the place. The Sunshine State has some of the most delicate ecology and porous geology in the country -- an increase in this extreme practice could frack everything up in Florida, including drinking water supplies for many residents.1

That's why more than 20 counties, encompassing almost 40 cities and nearly 8 million people in Florida want the right to ban fracking.2 But the frackers could care less, and they've convinced two Florida politicians to introduce to increase fracking and also block local communities from imposing fracking bans -- these poisonous bills would even overturn existing bans on fracking. To make matters worse groups like the Florida Petroleum council can't wait to get underground, and have already convinced politicians like Rep. Ray Rodrigues, R-Estero, to ram the bill through on a party line vote.3

There's only one thing left to do when faced with such insanity: Fracktivate. We've got a plan to organize a rally with Floridians Against Fracking in Tallahassee to greet the State Assembly when they return. But our friends in Florida need help to plan the event so the Assembly knows when it comes to fracking, we mean business. Can you chip in $10 or more to help us make hundreds of signs for the event?

In the last week over 15,000 of us signed a petition telling Gov. Scott to ban fracking. Many of us were outraged to learn that these bills would actually allow for acid to be shot underground, melting fragile geology and poisoning underground water supplies -- all to get at another dirty fossil fuel: fracked gas.4  And you may also have been shocked to learn that both bills would keep the public in the dark about the chemicals used during fracking procedures.2 But what should get you really fired up is that even though 43 percent of Floridians live in areas with fracking bans, politicians are moving to strip local towns and counties of their ability to protect themselves from fracking.4

That's why we're getting together with Floridians Against Fracking next month. We know that it's necessary to show the Assembly that when it comes to these bills we have only two words, "Frack Off." But in order to make a big statement, we need signage that delivers a powerful message so that they can be distributed to people from all over the state. Please click here to chip in whatever you can to make this happen.

Thanks for lending a hand,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Florida Fracktivists 

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