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Remember that time we stopped the pipeline, saved a species, shut down the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) or called out climate denial live on national TV? I do. But there's no way I could fit all the amazing stuff you, me and everyone at Environmental Action did this year into one email. So here's a link instead to our highlight reel. It's stuffed full of more than 75 amazing moments from 2015. Check it out with our compliments for an amazing year of activism -- and then, if you're able, please chip in a few dollars to support our work.

I know you haven't been able to make a donation online this year, and that's ok. What you might not know is that Environmental Action is entirely supported by member donations. There's no 100 percent match from some big financier or corporate donor. There's just you, me, a handful of staff and an amazing community of more than half a million members like you who read these emails and take action.

The good part of that is that every time you make a donation, it goes right to helping endangered species, fighting for climate justice, or supporting a frontline community. The downside is, we're about $20,000 short of our annual goal to KEEP doing all this great work. So I'm asking you, Friend, to take a look at this amazing list of (some, not all) of our accomplishments this year, and then chip in $15, $50 or $100 to make 2016 even better.


Drew and the team at Environmental Action


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