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I was just checking the numbers on our year end fundraising drive and here's what I found:

Name: Friend
Supporter ID:

Sum of online donations: $0
2015 goal: $30,000
Raised so far: $13,259
Suggested Donation for Friend : $5

If that sounds right can you chip in to support our work in in 2016, including:

  • Bears: The next hunt in Florida starts in 10 months, unless we stop it. And we need to expand our campaign for non-lethal wildlife management to new states like New Jersey and Virginia.
  • Fracking: We support frontline communities from the wellhead, to the pipeline route, to the export terminal fighting fracking. But we need support to fight on many fronts if we're going to ban fracking, and block up their infrastructure in 2016.
  • Whales: Seismic testing creates acoustic smog that can deafen and kill whales. We need to ban this dangerous practice to protect wildlife and block new oil drilling.
  • Bomb Trains and oil exports: Since Congress lifted the ban on crude oil exports, we've got to work double time to shut down their shipping routes and keep oil in the ground.
  • Endangered Species: From wolves and panthers, to the tiny Monarch Butterfly, we're facing mass extinction due to climate change and an anti-wildlife Congress. Help us stand up for all species in 2016.
  • Climate Justice: Environmental and human rights aren't separate fights, they're linked. We'll only know justice when we treat our common home with respect, and there can be no sustainable future without justice.
  • Climate: A huge mobilization is being planned for May 2016, and we want to be there with you on the front lines.

Those are just a few of the huge fights on the horizon. Not to mention all the politics and craziness we can expect from the (still) large field of politicians running for President. We're still about $15,000 short of our goal, but I know we can do this together, just look at all the amazing  things we did in 2015! No really, click here to see our year in review with over 80 individual highlights and memories! Then, if you can, please consider chipping in $5, $15, or more to make 2016 even better.


Drew and the team at Environmental Action


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