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Update: Next week, Florida fracktivists will converge at the state's capitol, Tallahassee, to demand an end to fracking in the Sunshine State. Click here to help us reach our bus-rolling goal to send more Floridians to the Reclaiming Florida's Future rally .


I just want to make sure you received my email last week about fracking, Florida and the future. Next week, fracktivists from throughout the state will head to Tallahassee and greet the State Assembly as they start their annual session with a simple message: Get The Frack Out of Florida.

We're working with our friends at Floridians Against Fracking and Re-Think Florida to make sure we get as many people there as possible. Some fracktivists who want to attend the rally don't have the means to get to Tallahassee, which is a long ride away from many of the communities who would be directly affected by an expansion of fracking. It's essential that these citizens are present to tell their representatives to vote against fracking and bills that block communities from banning it.

We are more than halfway to our goal of $3,000, which will help us sponsor a bus and two vans. With your help we can make this happen and get almost 100 fracktivists to the rally. Can you please chip in $25 or more to help get Florida Fracktivists rolling?

Thanks helping fracktivists get rolling,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Florida Fracktivists 

P.S. You can see my full email from last week below.

On January 20th, fracktivists from all across Florida will converge in Tallahassee to let State Assembly members know they refuse to let fracking reign in the Sunshine State. Click here to help us pay for buses to transport Florida fracktivist and reclaim Florida's bright future.


The year of 2016 is going to be a BIG year for Florida, and I'm not talking about the presidential election. I'm talking about the fact that this is the year the entire country will watch the Sunshine State to see if fracking operations expand statewide, including in the Everglades, or if local jurisdictions keep the right to ban this extreme drilling. The decision could be close, as the Florida State Assembly considers two bills to expedite fracking and shut down local opposition.1

The Florida State Assembly reconvenes next week in Tallahassee -- and we'll be waiting for them at the State House. On January 20th, we will join our friends, Floridians Against Fracking, for the Reclaiming Florida's Future rally to demand a statewide ban on fracking, a just transition to renewables, the continuance of existing fracking bans and assurances that local jurisdictions won't forfeit their right to prohibit extreme energy extraction. But in order to make this event a success, we need to get as many fracktivists to the state capital as possible.

Florida is a big state, and Tallahassee is pretty far away from the homes of many Florida Fracktivists who want to attend and speak with their assembly members. Many of them don't have vehicles or the means to get up to Tallahassee, so we need your help to rent as many buses as possible to transport anyone and everyone who wants to attend the rally. Can you please chip in $25 or more to help get Florida Fracktivists rolling?

  • $25 gets one fracktivist to Tallahassee;
  • $150 gets a van of fracktivists to Tallahassee;
  • $500 helps pay for a bus to Tallahassee;
  • $1,000 sponsors an entire bus of fracktivists.

Fracking should not be happening anywhere. But Florida is literally the last place where fracking should be happening. The Sunshine State has some of the most delicate ecology and porous geology in the country -- an increase in this extreme practice could frack everything up in Florida, including drinking water supplies and the health of many residents.2 And just yesterday, a new study by Yale University revealed that chemicals used in fracking have toxins linked to reproductive and developmental health problems.3

We also learned yesterday that 2015 was the second hottest year in U.S. history and was the 19th consecutive year that the average annual temperature was above the 20th century average.4 Fracking and other extreme energy extraction contribute to the emissions that are warming our planet to the point of climate catastrophe. Given that Florida has been designated one of the most vulnerable places to the effects of climate change and sea level rise,5 this is no time to double down on the use and extraction of climate killing fossil fuels.

The Reclaiming Florida's Future rally will deliver a simple, yet powerful message to the State Assembly: Get the Frack Out of Florida. But to deliver this message resoundingly, we need as many people in Tallahassee as possible. Please click here to chip in whatever you can to help Florida Fracktivists get there and fight the Florida Frack Attack.

Thanks for all you do,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Florida Fracktivists 

1. Burlew, Jeff. Counties Oppose Bills to Pre-Empt Fracking Bans. Tallahassee Democrat. November 27, 2015.

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4. Restuccia, Andrew. NOAA: U.S. Posts Second-Hottest Year on Record. Politico. January 7, 2016.

5. Audobon Florida: Climate Change


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