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Local party officials and even the Church of England are calling for Exxon to be investigated. Click here to share the news about why Kamala Harris should Investigate Exxon!


It's been a busy week in the fight to hold Exxon accountable:

  • Exxon investors including the State of New York and the Church of England filed a series of shareholder resolutions seeking to reform the company's climate change policy,1 and the State of Vermont has pledged to divest entirely from coal and Exxon because of their climate crimes.2
  • The Democratic party of Los Angeles -- representing 2.4 million people and a third of California Democratic voters -- urged the state Attorney General to investigate Exxon's climate duplicity.3
  • The Department of Defense (not usually accused of being a bunch of bleeding heart liberals) issued a 12-page directive assigning key responsibilities for adapting  to climate change, because the problem requires "deliberate preparation, close cooperation and coordinated planning."4

All of which is great news, but we're still waiting for Kamala Harris, as the AG of California to respond. Harris has a unique opportunity to demand answers and action from the world’s biggest polluters. Click here to tell share the action asking Harris to answer the call of history, and her constituents, by opening an investigation into Exxon and Big Oil’s climate crimes.

Investigative stories by InsideClimate News and the L.A. Times show Exxon was at the forefront of global warming research for decades until it launched campaigns to cast doubt on science and delay action. Reports just published in the last few days have hinted at a massive conspiracy between Exxon and most of the world’s other Big Oil companies to perpetuate a climate of doubt and denial.5

From the campaign trail to the halls of Congress, to right here on the internet, we’ve helped to build a massive campaign. The campaign calls for federal and state prosecutors to investigate what Exxon and Big Oil knew about climate change, and whether they broke the law by sowing doubt and dissent with the public in spite of that knowledge.

Click here to share the news with your network calling on Harris to open her own investigation into Exxon and Big Oil's crimes against the climate.

Thanks for CA-lling out Kamala,

Drew and the Exxon Accountability crew at Environmental Action

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