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Some members of Congress think they can get away with denying climate change by claiming to know a scientist who agrees. But 97% of scientists already say that climate change is happening, and we're the cause. So why can’t Washington get it together to act?

Check out this funny video for one possible explanation, and sign on to help us swipe climate change denial from the halls of Congress.

Swipe Denial, Act On Climate video

Our video is a little silly, but so is Climate Denial -- especially from members of Congress. Check it out for yourself, and then sign on if you agree that it's time for Congress to stop acting silly, and act like our climate depends on it (since it does).

After you sign, you can share the video with your networks on Facebook, Twitter, or by emailing the link to friends.

Thanks for Acting On Climate,

Drew Hudson, Director, and the team at Environmental Action


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