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After the boondoggle that was the last Sunday-night Democratic Debate, CNN has gotten permission to hold one more town hall with the three leading Democrats before next week's Iowa caucus. Click here to tune in with us tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern tonight and see if they #AskOnClimate!


The closing arguments before the Iowa Democratic caucus will be made tonight during a CNN town hall in Des Moines — one week before the first-in-the-nation votes are cast at the Iowa caucuses.1

So far, candidates have been asked about nonsense issues and gaffes 100 percent more than they have about climate change.2 And last week’s NBC debate was more of the same, unfortunately. The moderator, Lester Holt, gave only Sanders and O’Malley less than two minutes combined to answer a really poorly-formed question on climate change.3 Like a lot of you, we were upset because there are real differences between the three Democratic candidates on climate change — and real details that we deserve to hear more about.

Fortunately, there was such a furor over the last debate being scheduled for a Sunday of a holiday weekend,4 CNN got permission to host one more – in a town-hall format. That means we’ve got a good chance of hearing a question on climate change, since the vast majority of Americans, and especially young voters like the ones at Drake University are demanding action on climate change.5

It all starts tonight, Monday January 25, 2016 at 9 p.m. ET (8 p.m. CT, 6 p.m. PT), and even if you're not the most computer-savvy person out there, we've made it simple to send CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who's moderating the debate, your questions through social media.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont will appear first, followed by ex-Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and then former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Each will have 30 minutes onstage at Drake University’s Sheslow Auditorium and will face questions from audience members as well as CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo.

But we wont know what they say, and whether Cuomo listens to our call to ask tough climate questions until tonight! Clck here to RSVP and send your question to Cuomo before the #DemTownHall starts tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern!

Thanks for tuning in -- not dropping out,

Drew and the Debate Watch Crew at Environmental Action

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