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Click here to write in Exxon as the worst of the worst in the Corporate Hall of Shame, because #ExxonKnew.


The Supreme Court has declared that corporations are people. Well, if some of these corporations -- like Exxon -- were people, they'd be in jail. But there are plenty of other corporations out there polluting and working against the public interest. That's why I'm inviting you to vote for the worst of the worst and induct a "winner" into the Corporate Hall of Shame.

Exxon is a perfect candidate for the "Worst of the Worst" prize in the Corporate Hall of Shame. Last fall, a huge expose revealed that Exxon knew about climate change and how it would impact our planet back in the 1970s. But instead of taking action to protect the planet and all of us, they embarked on a campaign of lies and misinformation to protect their profits at the expense of our common home.1

Exxon's actions have gotten plenty of attention -- and the company is now under investigation by the Attorneys General of our two largest states, while members of Congress and elected leaders from coast to coast are demanding more accountability.2 And, thanks to our friends at Corporate Accountability International, we all have a chance to match the legal pressure mounting against Exxon with a wave of public outcry big enough to swamp the oil giant for sowing climate denial.

But here's the trick -- because so many of these allegations came out late in the year, Exxon wasn't even on the ballot until we and our friends at Climate Truth decided to mount a write-in campaign! Exxon knew about climate change, and lied to cover it up -- if you agree that it's time they get the prize it deserves. Click here and write in Exxon as the "winner of the Corporate Hall of Shame."

This may just look like an online beauty contest, but your vote matters. Depending on which corporation "wins," Corporate Accountability International will work with us to mount a major campaign to hold them accountable.

It's important because, Attorneys General from two of our nation's largest states, including one with the world seventh largest economy, are investigating Exxon for their climate cover-up. Exxon has already produced thousands of documents for New York Attorney General, Eric T. Schneiderman. Mr. Schneiderman, even called climate change “the defining issue of our time,” when he opened his investigation.2

The contest closes at that end of this week (January 30) so there's not much time.
There's a bad moon rising for ExxonMobil, but that's good news for our planet and our climate. Click here to write in Exxon as the worst of the worst of the Corporate Hall of Shame because #ExxonKnew.


Sally and the #ExxonKnew crew at Environmental Action

1. Laura Barron-Lopez, Bernie Sanders Wants DOJ To Investigate 'Potential Fraud' By Exxon Over Climate Research, The Huffington Post, October 20, 2015.
2. Schwartz, John. California Said to Target Exxon in Climate Inquiry. The New York Times. January 20, 2016.


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