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This Valentine's day week, our friends at Beyond Extreme Energy have come up with a really fun and simple plan to show FERC that we don't love Fracking or the pipelines, Import/Export terminals and compressor stations it begets. Click here to join our Thunderclap and send your own valentine!


Grab your paste, markers, doily hearts and construction paper: It's time to pour our hearts out! You probably know that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), which is supposed to regulate the fracking industry, just LOOOOOOVES pipelines, import and export terminals and any other fracking infrastructure they can approve. That's why they've literally never met a fracked gas project they didn't approve -- a level of promiscuity that the EPA has asked them to rein in by considering fracked gas projects' broader impacts on our air, water and climate.1

We don't want you to think FERC is a cheap date though -- the truth that they're supported entirely by fees from the industry they regulate. This pay-to-play scheme is so risque that some members of Congress are even being asked to open an investigation into whether it's legal.2 Given all the love and attention FERC is facing this Valentine's Day, Beyond Extreme Energy, front line communities and allies everywhere want to send a message to the FERC commissioners that we protect what we love and expect FERC to do the same. And we want your help!

Click here to show the commissioners some love by signing up for our Thunderclap to send a powerful and unified message on social media.* Then, click here to get instructions on how to send your own, home-made valentine to the commissioners this weekend.

This project is supposed to be fun, and a little silly, but it's got a really serious message. FERC has been under increasing pressure to clean up their act and admit how their practice of approving EVERY gas pipeline, compressor station, import/export terminal and storage facility they review is really fracking up our planet. Last month the EPA told FERC to investigate a project’s indirect impacts, including potential increases in fracking and other drilling, as well as more global warming pollution from leaks and burning of fossil fuels.1

That message came on the heels of another, powerful call from many of our allies to open an investigation into how FERC gets paid -- namely their practice of relying on funding from the industry they're supposed to regulate.2 And all of this is playing out in the context of a huge moment in our national energy debate where even Presidential candidates have come under scrutiny for taking millions of dollars in funding from fracking financiers -- like Farris and Jo Anne Wilks, a Texas husband and wife who made a fortune in the fracking-services business and have given over $10 million to super Political Action Committees in 2015.3

How can you make your (passionate, anti-fracking) voice heard in all that news and noise? Simple: Click here to join our Thunderclap and then follow the link on that page to make your own, hand-made valentines card and send it to the FERC commissioners at home. Your home-made card will show the commissioners this issue is close to your heart, and our Thunderclap will make sure we're all heard by saying something together.


Drew and the be-my-Valentine don't frack crew at Environmental Action

* Here's how it works: We all sign up to join the Thunderclap on this page. Once you do, Thunderclap will blast out a timed Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr post from all of us next Thursday, creating a wave of attention and electrifying social media like a thunderbolt. Lots of people and organizations have used Thunderclaps to get the word out, including the White House and the United Nations. Together, we'll deliver a powerful message with humor and love to stop all the permits, pipelines and fracking, and leave fossil fuels in the ground.

1 - Jeremiah Shelor, FERC Should Review Indirect Impacts, GHG Emissions From NatGas Projects, EPA Says, Natural Gas Intel, January 21, 2016
2 - Maya K. van Rossum, Time for FERC to pipe down, The Hill, January 26, 2016
3 -Fredreka Schouten, Meet the mega-donors, USA TODAY, February 8, 2016


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