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The Super Tuesday elections are still sending shockwaves through the Presidential Primary field, and the next #GOPDebate is live in Michigan. Tune in to watch with us!


Donald Trump leads the polls amid a wave of frantic reactions from "establishment" Republicans like Mitt Romney,1 and Flint struggles for clean water and environmental justice amid a political season that is debating the role of government in cleaning up our air, water and climate. Tonight is the 11th GOP Primary Debate, live at 9 p.m. Eastern on Fox news and our website, and Chris Wallace, Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly will return as moderators.2

The debate is being held just up the road from Flint Michigan, where Republican Michigan Governor  Rick Snyder has come under increasing criticism for his role in creating or abetting an infrastructure crisis that has left thousands without clean water and exposed an unknown number of children to lead poisoning.3

Will the moderators ask about Flint, clean water, climate change or other important environmental and public health issues? Use the links below to send them questions and then tune in with us tonight to see how it all goes down!

Then click here to RSVP and watch tonight with us!

Ben Carson ended his presidential campaign Wednesday, but the debate is expected to host the full remaining field: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich.4 All three moderators will have the chance to ask the candidates about climate change, an honor they have so far declined. But Megyn Kelly, in particular, has a long simmering dispute with the Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, who objected to her moderating a past debate, after she asked him (and other candidates) tough questions.5

The debate is also happening against the backdrop of the Flint water crisis and climate change. Yesterday, our team delivered about 100,000 signatures to the DNC and CNN asking them to focus Sunday's Democratic Debate on racial and environmental justice. Our call for #JusticeforFlint was received well on that side of the aisle,6 but there's no sign either way how the Republican party or Fox News will respond to this news. The Michigan GOP primary is on Tuesday, March 8. The politics of Michigan over the past few years have had serious implications for the ways Republicans think about the role of state governments, particularly in light of the Flint water crisis.

Click here to send a question to the moderators before the debate, and then tune in with us tonight!

Thanks for tuning in, not dropping out,

Drew and the Debate Night Crew at Environmental Action

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