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This week we joined a coalition to deliver 100,000 signatures to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) demanding they focus the Flint debate on racial and environmental justice. Tune in with us on Sunday to see how we shaped the debate.


This weekend all eyes will be on Flint, Michigan. On Sunday, the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will debate where vulnerable populations -- mainly low-wealth, people of color -- were betrayed by their government and forced to drink lead-tainted water.

Last night, during the Republican Debate, Flint was discussed for less than one minute.
1 There was more time dedicated to hand sizes and "manhood," degrading nicknames and even yoga than the situation in Flint -- which includes more than just polluted water: income inequality, unemployment, lack of educational opportunities, mass incarceration and police brutality also plague the city.

That's why this week we joined a coalition of 17 organizations to deliver nearly 100,000 signatures to DNC and CNN demanding that the debate in Flint focus on pressing issues like climate, racial and environmental justice.

The DNC's Deputy Communication Manager spoke with us for about 30 minutes and assured us that Flint was not just being used as a backdrop. We also spoke with CNN representatives who asked us what kind of questions we would like asked on Sunday.3 Now we want YOU to send your questions to the moderators before the debate.

And then click here to RSVP for our Debate Watch Party to see if DNC and CNN's assurances hold any water.

Only 15 states have voted in the Democratic Primary so far -- meaning that the Democratic nomination is still very much up for grabs. But if this week's Republican Debate is any indication, we can't count on good behavior or manners to prevail in Michigan. That's why we need to send our questions to the moderators now, and tune in to hold them accountable on Sunday!

We need real debates that ask real questions so voters are informed before they make their choice for President Obama's successor. This Sunday we have a chance to see if DNC and CNN share this opinion. Click here to watch the debate with us, and send your questions to the national stage.

See you in the Chatroom,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Flint Freedom Fighters

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2. Rogers-Wright, Anthony. Keeping Flint in Focus. Environmental Action. March 4, 2016.

3. Leber, Rebecca. 14 Debate Questions for Sanders and Clinton on Climate, Justice and Flint. Grist.org. March 4, 2016.


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