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In just over two weeks, we're going to surround the New Orleans Superdome to call for an end to new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Click here to chip in $5, $15 or $25 to support this amazing action!


I'm headed to New Orleans along with our allies from Beyond Extreme Energy, Gulf South Rising and more -- and I need your help. On March 23, the Obama administration is planning to auction off 45 million acres of Gulf waters for drilling at the New Orleans Superdome.

The Gulf region is already at risk for extreme storms, oil spills and loses a football field of land every hour to sea level rise and old drilling canals,1 while scientists agree that if we're going to avoid the worst impacts of climate chaos, we need to leave 80 percent of known fossil fuel reserves in the round -- including those under the Gulf of Mexico.2

This is a show-down moment. Last month, President Obama stopped all new coal mining on public lands.3 Now we need him to block fossil fuel leasing on ALL public lands once and for all. But we only have about two weeks until the next auction at the New Orleans Superdome. We're working with a great team of activists and organizers in the Gulf South to plan a massive mobilization for the 23rd, calling for an end to new drilling leases in the Gulf. But I need your support to make the event a success:

In the past few months, activists have shut down seven of the nine fossil fuel auctions planned by the Obama team. But none of them are as big as New Orleans, where they're proposing to auction off an area the size of of Louisiana plus a third of Mississippi.

Below the Gulf sits our planet’s eight largest source of potential carbon pollution. It's not just our climate that's at risk: If the auction proceeds, it will ruin our efforts to restore wetlands, protect endangered species and make it much more likely that the region sees ANOTHER oil spill.The BP disaster was just one of thousands of spills since offshore drilling began in the 1930s. The industry is responsible for tragic wetland losses too, which threaten coastal communities across the Gulf.

In his final State of the Union, President Obama pledged to "change the way we manage our oil and coal resources so that they better reflect the costs they impose on taxpayers and our planet.” He has already put federal coal leases on hold. Now, we need him to support our vision for a Gulf region powered by solar and wind energy, and the immediate hiring of 1,000 workers to repair aging industry infrastructure and to restore the industry’s wetland destruction.

But we can't pull off an event this big, this daring and this important without your support. Click here ot chip in $5, $15 or $25 to support the Superdome action and help our coalition deliver a New Lease on Life​ for the Gulf Region.


Drew Hudson and the Beyond Extreme Energy Team at Environmental Action

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