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Legislation to expand fracking in Florida and preempted local communities has been defeated -- for now. Now is the moment to get even more Florida cities and counties to ban fracking. Click here to help us visit many cities and counties across the state and keep the Frack out of Florida.


I don't get to write to you about many victories, but last month I was so excited to let you know that Florida Senate Bill (SB) 318 was defeated 10-9 in the Senate Appropriations Committee. We organized with an amazing coalition of Florida fracktivists to pull off a squeaker.

But even after that vote, pro-fracking Senators tried to get another vote just two days later. Those Senators who voted "Yea" on the bill vowed to bring it back next year, and they won't be alone. In 2016, just two months into the Assembly Session, Big Oil dropped over $300,000 in crude cash lobbying Senators to increase fracking and block local communities from banning it.1

We can't compete with that kind of money, but we can FRACKTIVATE. That's why we're joining with our friends at ReThink Florida's Future and Floridians Against Fracking to take our anti-fracking message on a tour of 10 Florida Colleges and Universities this spring. Our goal is to inspire these future leaders to organize for fracking bans in dozens more towns and counties before Big Oil has a chance to preempt us again. Will you help us get our Frack Free Florida College Tour rolling by donating $15 dollars or more?

There are currently 40 cities and 20 counties in Florida, representing over 8 million people, that have banned fracking.These citizens know that fracking is too dangerous for Florida's unique ecology and sensitive geology, where 90 percent of the state's drinking water is located.3 They know that the best way to fuel Florida is with renewable energy like wind and solar -- it is the SUNSHINE STATE after all. But if a bill like SB 318 gets passed next year, every citizens will be at risk for methane leaks, fracked water and health impacts. 

We're focusing on universities first so students from all over the state will be able to spread our message. The more cities and counties that impose fracking bans this year, the harder it will be for Big Oil and their Senate cohorts try to pass a not-so-slick bill like SB 318 next year. But the only way we can get around to the different schools is if you fuel or tour. Click here to donate whatever you can so that we can energize young fracktivist and give them the tools they need to keep the Frack out of Florida.

Thanks for lending a hand,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Frack Free Florida Fighters.

1. Klass, Mary Ellen. Special Interests Flood Florida Legislature Campaigns With $28 Million in 6 Months. Miami Herald. January 17, 2016.

2. Burlew, Jeff. Counties Oppose Bills to Pre-Empt Fracking Bans. Tallahassee Democrat. November 17, 2015.

3. Oskin, Becky. Aquifers: Underground Stores of Freshwater. LiveScience. January 14, 2015.


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