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Breaking News: The EPA has confirmed that the Keystone XL Pipeline fails President Obama's climate test. But the Senate is only four votes shy of overriding the president's veto. That's too close 4 comfort, please spread the word so we can sustain the veto.

Dear Friend,

Yesterday the EPA confirmed what we have known for a long time: The Keystone XL Pipeline will lead to more global warming1 and, therefore fails the test President Obama laid out over a year ago: if the pipeline makes climate change worse it can't be "in the national interest."

You would think that this news in connection with President Obama's promised veto of any Keystone Bill would deter the FOBOs (Friends of Big Oil). However, the House is set to vote next week to approve the Senate's Keystone Bill2, and the Senate is only four votes shy of overriding the president's veto. You've already taken action, so I'm asking you to share the news about how close this veto override could be while there's still time.

Over 50,000 of us have already taken action, but we still have a ways to go if we are going to kill Keystone XL for good. Pipeline supporters in the Congress will stop at nothing to get Keystone built, so it's up to usCan you tell your friends and family (or tell them again) to join you in calling on the Senate to sustain this veto and STOP Keystone XL?

We've got the evidence to back up our voices; we've got the big MO(mentum) on our side, and victory is so close. Let's finish what we started together.

Thank You,

Anthony for the Environmental Action Crew

1. Alan Neuhauser, EPA: Keystone XL Will Impact Global Warming, US News and World Report, Feb. 3, 2015

2. House Vote on Keystone XL Approval Set Next Week. Inside Climate News. February 4, 2015.


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