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Greening your retirement plan helps save the planet and protects your nest egg from a climate shock as our economy shifts off of fossil fuels. And lots of investors and companies are already showing it's not just possible, it's good business. Sign here to join the nationwide movement for green retirement.


As an Environmental Action member I know you take out the recycling, use CFL light bulbs, and shop local and organic every chance you get. But what about your retirement? Is your 401(k) or similar retirement plan invested in climate chaos? Do you know how to check, and work with your employer to green up your retirement?

American workers have invested more than $4.4 trillion in 401(k)s and similar plans already.
And as dozens of employers and thousands of investors are already showing, our 401(k)s can be an engine for positive impact. Plus divesting from oil, coal and gas stocks right now is a smart way to reduce risk in your portfolio.

Just ask the employees and owners at Stok, a think and do tank focused on a radically better built environment. "Investing in fossil-free portfolios is putting my money where my mouth is," says Kristen Magnuson, a Stok employee. "It represents my optimism about our ability to achieve a clean energy future." If you’re ready to follow Stok’s lead, click here to take the first step, and sign on to our call for all employers to offer a fossil free retirement option.

Did you know that Peabody Energy Corp., the nation’s biggest miner, is on the verge of bankruptcy, crippled by $6.3 billion in debt?1 If your 401(k) is betting on Peabody and other coal companies, you could be in for a climate shock to your portfolio. And it's not just coal: Big Oil stocks remain at their lowest point in years and are cutting dividends and payouts.2 That means if you're not talking to your employer or investment manager about the fossil fuels in your 401(k) or mutual fund, your nest egg could be at risk of being cracked!

The first step to cleaning up our collective retirement is to build a coalition of peers and interested co-workers. -- Our voices will be much stronger as a group. Click here to take the first step, and sign on to our call for all employers to offer a fossil free retirement option.

Thanks for Divesting and Investing,

Drew and the Divestment Crew at Environmental Action

1 - Tim Loh, Coal's ‘Last Man Standing’ Dragged to the Brink of Bankruptcy, Bloomberg, March 17, 2016
2 - Paul Spedding, Is Oil Becoming Stranded?, Carbon Tracker Initiative, February 2016


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