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Publicly traded fossil fuel companies have lost $2.3 trillion in value since 2014. Sign here to demand that your 401(k) or mutual fund be Divested from risky fossil fuels and Invested in the just, clean energy future we want!


The signs are all around us: U.S. mining and drilling companies lost more money last year than they made in the previous eight.1 A 40 year old oil company with a solid track record of success, Swift Energy, borrowed from banks, investors and retirement funds to drill for oil and gas -- only to plunge into bankruptcy and lay off 25 percent of its staff after declaring $1.349 billion in debt.2

Publicly traded fossil fuel companies have lost $2.3 trillion in value since 2014. Is your 401(k) or mutual fund invested in risky fossil fuels that threaten your retirement? Click here to ask your employer, and all American employers, to offer fossil free + sustainable retirement options.

All around us, the era of fossil fuel markets is ending. Coal companies are going bankrupt.3 Oil companies could be next. The future of fracked gas is looking less like a clean bridge fuel, and more like another climate-chaos-inducing fossil fuel bubble.4

Don’t get stuck with a climate shock in your portfolio. Your retirement is too important to trust to wildcat drillers and fossil fuel profiteers who can (and in some cases already have) lost everything overnight as fossil fuel prices come crashing down.

American workers have invested more than $4.4 trillion in 401(k)s and similar retirement plans already. That gives us a powerful lever to move the market and invest in clean energy solutions. It also means that divesting from coal, oil and gas stocks right now is the best way to reduce risk to the portfolios we and our co-workers rely on. Click here to take the first step, and sign on to our call for all employers to offer fossil free + sustainable retirement options.


Drew and the Divest invest Crew at Environmental Action

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