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I've been on tour with Florida Fracktivists visiting campuses all over the state. But there are more schools that want us to visit and only a few weeks until summer break! Donate here to check out the tour and chip in so we can keep the Frack out of Florida.


Last spring, we defeated a pro-fracking bill in the legislature by a razor thin margin, 10-9. It was a major victory for the environmental community and no doubt due to the hard work of Florida fracktivists statewide. But here's the thing, SB 318 was not "killed," it was merely shelved. That means the bill will most certainly be back during Florida's next legislative session... and it will be back with a vengeance, with more Big Oil money behind it.

Together with ReThink Energy Florida and other groups we decided to take our message about the need for a statewide ban on fracking on the road -- and there was no better place to do this than on College Campuses, the incubators for our future leaders and future fracktivists.*

I've been on on a three-city college tour -- Florida State University (FSU), Miami Dade College and Rollins College -- to discuss the dangers of fracking. But three more schools have asked us to visit and there are only a few weeks until summer break! Can you chip in to keep our frack free Florida tour rolling? You can also click here to read my whole report and check out the seven-minute mini-documentary about our tour.

What blew me away was the level of knowledge many of the students already had about fracking. But many were not aware that fracked gas contributes to climate change. Even less knew that fracking occurs closer to communities of color and to schools with higher percentages of non-white students. That information caused one Miami Dade College student to remark, "Now I am just getting mad, what do I need to do to stop this from happening."

The students at FSU were equally riled up and ready to go, which was amazing because this was exactly the point of the tour -- to FRACKTIVATE. Incidentally, the FSU students have invited me back to give another talk that will also focus on local organizing and action tactics to build support with local officials and elected representatives.

And that's where you come in -- there are only a few weeks left before summer break. The more campuses we get to, the more students we can mobilize to take an anti-fracking message back home with them across the state. You can make that happen by clicking here and keeping this tour rolling. With your help we can arm our students with the knowledge and know how they need to realize a Frack Free Florida.

Thanks for standing with the students,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Frack Free Florida Fighters

PS - Click here to read my whole report in the blog and check out the 7-minute mini-documentary about the tour so far.


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