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It's time to rise up, come together and break free from fossil fuels. Sign here to show your support for the international week of action May 4-15 and get connected to events all over the United States.


This could be the beginning of the end for fossil fuels. I know that sounds optimistic, but consider the recent news
: Coal companies are going bankrupt and coal CEOs are going to jail.1 Oil prices are at rock-bottom, Exxon is under investigation2 and drilling companies that were considered safe investments in the past are deep in debt and going (or gone) bankrupt.3 Word is getting out that fracked gas is a disaster for our climate,4 and renewables are beating all those dirty fuels two-to-one in direct investment.5

Our entire energy system is teetering on the brink of a massive shift. I'm talking about keeping 80 percent of known fossil fuels in the ground and making a rapid transition to a just, clean energy future. And early next month - we're going to give that system a push

We're teaming up with a global coalition that includes 350.org, the Sierra Club and dozens of frontline groups to drive the Break Free 2016 week of actions around the U.S. Together, we're drawing thousands of people to participate in targeted actions at the site of fossil fuel extraction, transportation and use with a clear message: We're willing to put our bodies on the line to keep fossil fuels in the ground. If you can join us, I hope you will. But even if you can't make it or this kind of protest isn't your thing - I'm asking you to show your support and solidarity with this fight by signing here.

Look, changing the global energy system isn't going to be easy, or simple. And we know that the fossil fuel industry is working overtime right now to deny or discredit anyone who threatens their most-profitable-in-the-history-of-money status. That's why we typically haven't seen radical changes (though we've seen some pretty big ones -- check the footnotes), yet.

That's also why Break Free isn't a typical protest. It's a network of independently-organized actions to keep fossil fuels in the ground. We're specifically working with local organizers to support actions to stop oil trains in Albany and demanding the right to breathe outside Philadelphia's largest refinery. But these are just some of the amazing actions that are planned from the oil and gas fields of Nigeria and Brazil to the coal fields of Germany and Australia.

Stopping climate chaos requires the courage to confront polluters where they are most powerful. For years, communities on the front lines have led that struggle, and this May we can join them. It's time to make our intentions clear: We're going to keep coal, oil and gas in the ground even if we have to put our bodies on the line to do it. If you're with us - sign here to show your support and then RSVP for the action closest to you and spread the word.

This May, we break free from fossil fuels, together,

Drew and the Keep It In the Ground crew at Environmental Action

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