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Sign here to tell your state legislators - no fracking in Maryland!


You’ve probably heard that as one of his last acts as Governor, Martin O'Malley opened the door to allow fracking in the Maryland. O’Malley said he wanted fracking to be done safely, but that’s just not possible. And our new Governor, Larry Hogan, has made it clear he intends to ignore most of those rules to protect the environment and public health any way.1

If we’re going to stop fracking in Maryland, we need the Assembly to act, and act fast. Will you join me in calling on the Maryland Assembly to pass a ban on fracking?

We were all elated when Governor Cuomo banned fracking in New York at the end of last year. It was a big deal not just because New York is a big state, but because Cuomo specifically listened to experts on health and pollution when he made his decision. The Health Commissioner in New York stated that he would not want his family to live in a community with fracking — and if it is not safe for his family, it is not safe for Maryland families either.

That’s why we’re proud to join  big community of organizations in Maryland that have come together  to introduce a bill that will put a moratorium on fracking. Can you send a message to your state elected officials asking them to support a long-term moratorium on fracking in Maryland?

Thanks for taking action to stop fracking.
Drew Hudson, Baltimore-raised Director, and the whole team at Environmental Action

1 - Anastasia Pantsios, 8-Year Fracking Moratorium Bill Introduced in Maryland as Californians Demand Real Climate Action, EcoWatch, February 6, 2015


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